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Leave your car keys at home this Friday

Added: (Fri Jan 18 2008)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Look out if youíre planning to drive this Friday, as historically the 18th January has been revealed as the most dangerous date to be on the road according to research by Admiral, while Friday has the highest number of accidents of any day of the week.

Insurance specialist Admiral looked at the 1.8 million accident reports it has received over the past 15 years and found that the 18th January has seen the highest number of accidents compared to any other date of the year. Admiral also found that Friday is the day of the week on which most accidents occur. So look out as this year the two combine on Friday 18th January to create a calamitous crashing combination!

Admiral managing director, Sue Longthorn, said, ďItís not surprising to see that the worst day of the week for accidents is a Friday as people are tired after a long week at work and can easily get caught up thinking about their weekend plans instead of the road ahead. In fact, thereís a direct correlation between the days getting later in the week and the amount of accidents increasing up to the weekend.

ďIn terms of the 18th January being dangerous, itís difficult to say for certain why this is, but it could be that people have a lot on their mind as they havenít been paid for a while, the bills are coming in, itís dark, the weatherís often foul and the fun of the festive period is a long and distant memory.Ē

If Friday 18th January is the most dangerous day, which is the safest? Unsurprisingly Admiral sees the least number of accidents on Sunday 29th February - to be expected considering the 29th February only occurs every 4 years!

Sue Longthorn continued, ďIt makes sense that the days where weíve seen the least accidents are the 29th February, and the 25th and 26th December as this is when least people are driving. However, this year there is a 29th February, and itís on a Friday, so the number of accidents might jump up sharply!Ē

Editorís notes:

1. Worst days for driving (from worst to best):
1. Friday
2. Thursday
3. Wednesday
4. Tuesday
5. Monday
6. Saturday
7. Sunday

2. Top 10 worst dates for driving (from worst to best):
1. 18th January
2. 20th December
3. 27th October
4. 22nd March
5. 20th July
6. 1st October
7. 21st October
8. 1st November
9. 15th December
10. 30th October

3. Top 10 best dates for driving (from best to worst):
1. 29th February
2. 25th December
3. 26th December
4. 1st January
5. 2nd January
6. 27th December
7. 3rd January
8. 31st December
9. 9th April
10. 16th April

Submitted by:James Carnduff
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