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Granny’s a Text Addict – Seniors Discover Mobile Phones for OLDies!

Added: (Wed Oct 21 2009)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Sometimes, life these days are just too complicated. But if even the middle-aged are struggling to deal with more and more technology, imagine how the elderly feel.

While the rest of us are busy calling, texting and checking our e-mails on the move, nearly 4.5million over-65s in the UK don’t own a mobile phone. With basic phones no longer widely available, they are left confused by what's on offer. Talk of mega pixel camera phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and WMA goes straight over their heads.

To those who want simplicity, over-development is extremely off-putting. Whilst some of the latest gimmicky phones maybe a doddle for the younger generation raised on technology, they are a mystery for many older users.
There are also practical issues. Elderly people often can’t use some of the mobile phones on the market today. Bad eyesight and arthritic or fat fingers make the small-buttoned keypads physically difficult to use. Phones stored in handbags and back pockets are also often too quiet for those with hearing problems.

One group of ladies in their 70s from Poole, Dorset have found the answer to their problems by investing in the Amplicom M5000 mobile phone (www.bignloud.co.uk). The £79 M5000, which is also Hearing Aid Compatible, appealed to them because large number keys, amplified sound and straightforward menu system make it simple to use.
Great Grandmother, Andrea Brogan 71, is now an avid texter - a source of great amusement to her grandchildren.
She said: 'I’ve previously owned a mobile, but found it too complicated so it sat in the drawer. Now I’m a text addict I can keep in touch with my grandchildren. Meanwhile, suffering from illness and living on her own, 73-year-old Grace Jones now has the peace of mind from the SOS button featured at the back of the phone. The 'panic' button is hidden under a protective slide that, once pressed, calls a sequence of numbers until it receives a response. So, for the frail and elderly, there should always be someone at the end of the line.

Mobile phones that have been designed for older people or those with a hearing loss quite often out perform other models on sound quality and ease of use.
But what about all those other people who are not elderly but also want a simple phone with no gizmos and gadgets? Amplicom think the M5000 will suit them too.
As the phone is free of multi media options, the battery lasts more than two days and money isn’t wasted paying for features that simply don’t get used.
David Youngs, project manager at Amplicom, said: “Our phones are simple and loud enough to be used by anyone. No matter how clever the phone may be, it should be loud and clear enough for all people as well as those with hearing loss to use.”

So whether you’re 22 or 92, the M5000 could be the phone for you. Sometimes the simple things in life are the best.

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