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DVLA ban even more naughty number plates

Added: (Thu Aug 09 2007)

Pressbox (Press Release) - After the DVLA’s decision to ban a series of number plates including BA57 ARD and EA57 GAL, it has been revealed this week that even more number plates have appeared on the new ‘banned’ list.

Amongst the plates to be banned in last week’s news were HE57 ABS (he stabs), EC57 ACY (ecstacy), TE57 CLE (testicle), MY57 ASH (my stash) and HO57 AGE (hostage). Although it may be sensible to ban some of these plates with regards to the current political climate, others are seen as just plain silly.

In addition, this week, a new list of banned number plates was released, with all plates containing BNP, FRT, FKC, CUN, CNT, CUM and AST being withdrawn from sale with immediate effect. Whilst some of these are quite obviously verging on the distasteful, others, such as FRT and AST seem to be offensive in no way whatsoever.

However, the British media have been jumping all over this story, and the madness has been featured in the country’s largest daily newspaper, The Sun, as well as in various forms of local media. A spokesman for Numberplates.com, the UK’s largest number plates authority remarked: “It does seem rather silly that the DVLA have decided to revoke these registrations, especially when one considers the plates that they’ve issued in the past. It’s a great shame, as many people see these kinds of number plates as the most fun and quirky of them all.”

In addition, DVLA have withdrawn all SN07 registrations from Scotland, for fear of them looking like the word ‘snot’. Rumours are also abound that next year’s SN08/’snob’ registrations could also be withheld.

The withdrawal of number plates is nothing new, though. Since the British registration system began in 1903, literally thousands of plates have been revoked, including those containing ‘BF’, which were held back at the start of the system as the initials stood for ‘bloody fool’ – quite tame by today’s standards. In the 1930s, number plates containing GOD, JEW and SEX were withheld and are still banned from the British registration system today.

If you’re looking for a naughty number plate that has already been issued, PEN 15, ORG 45M, R1 APE, FAT 130Y, CUM 2 and P151 POT are just a very small selection of those on offer.

Submitted by:Adam Croft
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