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Save Money with Energy Saving Draft Stoppers

Added: (Thu Aug 23 2007)

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Save Money with Energy Saving Draft Stoppers

Over the past couple of years, heating bills have risen all across the country. Do the math and see just how much. Then see how one small investment and save big time on your next bills.

Energy Calculations
1) Consider that between 2004 – 2005 the average cost of heating bills per household during the winter was $786 for all principal heating methods; i.e. heating oil, natural gas, electricity and propane.

2) Only one year later, the average cost of heating bills per household during the winter (2005-2006) was anticipated to be $1,044 across all principal heating methods; i.e. heating oil, natural gas, electricity and propane.*

3) Heat-loss through drafty windows can accounts for 10 to 25 percent of your home heating bill. Good storm windows can cost you between $800 to $1,000 or more apiece, including some for your basement**

It’s no secret that with the rise in gas prices and other energy resources, homeowners are often looking for ways on how to lower their gas and electric bills. During the cold winter nights, it is quite common to turn up the heat, but when your home is filled with weak window seals and drafty doors, you wind up paying more in the long run. The same is true for the summer season, as air-conditioning helps ease the discomfort of a humid afternoon, but is less effective when precious energy and resources are wasted when they escape through cracks in window seals.

However today, air leaks in the home are one of the largest sources of heating and cooling loss, which causes higher energy bills. These leaks take place when small cracks develop about windows, doors and pipes. While many choose to caulk and use weather stripping in their homes, there is a much more economical way to approach this common household problem.

Savings with the Draft Stopper
In order to increase the efficiency of windows and doors, the Draft Stopper was designed with saving money and energy in mind. A door or window stopper helps put an end to unnecessary heating costs during cold nights and wasted air conditioning during a hot summer day. And it’s the tough construction of the Draft Stopper that accommodates a wide range of locations about the home.

A stopper easily fits along a garage door, which effectively prevents cold drafts. (Windows and room doors are not the only parts of the house that benefit from the use of a Draft Stopper.) The material used to make the Draft Stopper is quite durable and strong, as the tubular nylon exterior is filled with polypropylene, which ensures flexibility.

Simply push the stopper close to window seals and doors, which immediately translates into a more comfortable, year-round environment. It’s that easy.

Overall, the Draft Stopper is quite difficult to wear out and is so strong – cars may roll over the stopper on a daily basis. On rainy days or high levels of window precipitation, the Draft Stopper is able to get wet and easily air-dry. Homeowners may also use the stopper to seal off basement and attic doors, as well as close off unoccupied rooms to further save money.

When you are ready to begin the money-saving advantages associated with the Draft Stopper, you will find that the more you purchase at one time – the more you save. When purchasing two stoppers, you may pay about $12.99. An order of four stoppers will cost around $19.99, while the more zealous homeowner may want to place a larger order for 10 stoppers at the price of $29.99.

Learn more by visiting: http://www.cleanupstuff.com/door-draft-stopper-s/25.htm and save!

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