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Why Choosing Bespoke Bookcase ?

Added: (Tue Nov 15 2011)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The term "bespoke" is commonly used throughout the United Kingdom to denote an item that has been custom or handmade. Choosing a bespoke bookcase, therefore, starts with determining what your needs and desires are for the final design. You will need to research different furniture makers or carpenters in your area to find one that you will be satisfied working with; be sure to look at that furniture maker's other work, whether the piece is a bespoke bookcase or a custom dresser, and so on, to ensure that carpenter is capable of building the unit you want and need.

If you get your bespoke bookcases fitted properly by a professional, then you will soon find yourself with many of your friends and relatives admiring your taste and level of dedication to the furnishings of your house.

From glass cabinets all the way to ivory handles, your bookcase needs and desires will know no limits once you explore the possibilities of everything these companies have to offer you may come out with more than you expected, but hey, who couldn't use a new bookcase or two?!

Choose a traditional location for a classic look. Traditional built-in vertical bookshelves flank the sides of a fireplace, line one wall of an office or surround a window or door. Vertical bookshelves can also be built in a closet or alcove or beneath a staircase. These locations help maximize space while still providing a functional, aesthetically appealing place to store your books.

Choose the type of wood that best fits your budget and your bespoke bookcase's strength requirements. Solid hardwood boards offer the greatest strength and sag the least over time, but they are substantially more expensive than other wood choices. Hardwood plywood is not as strong as solid hardwood, but it is less expensive. It also comes with a variety of veneer finishes. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is the most economical choice, but it lacks the strength and durability of hardwood. It can be easily painted.

Always bear in mind, that the finish you choose will dramatically change the coloured furniture's appearance. High-gloss will act as a reflective face, picking up other colours located within the same space; while a matte finish will retain the integrity of the intended colour.

Rather than buying an off-the-shelf bookcase from the high street, why not design something a bit different. Not only will you get something unique, but also something that fits exactly to the space available.

Submitted by:Clive Anderson
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