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Timeshare Point-Of-Sale App Brings Teamwork Back To The Timeshare Industry

Added: (Thu Nov 10 2011)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Scottsdale, Arizona – A timeshare point-of-sale app by timeshare veteran Heather Guffin and the timeshare professionals at Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions is bringing a sense of teamwork and togetherness to the cutthroat world of timeshare resorts. Guffin spearheads relations in a firm that is founded on the premise of knowledge-sharing and intercompany help in the timeshare industry. “The industry is a lonely one,” says Guffin, “companies and even sales personnel within companies keep sales tactics to themselves, hoping to get ahead.” If Guffin and Alliance get their way, this trend is about to change.

With its timeshare point-of-sale app at the heart of its plan, Alliance is utilizing the new technology of Apple’s iPad, a portable, touch-screen computer optimal for audio-visual presentations, to add a multimedia aspect to the timeshare point-of-sale presentation. The technology itself is attractive and professional, but it is the content of the app’s presentation that is shaking up the timeshare industry. Alliance’s timeshare point-of-sale app brings a much-needed helping hand to those involved in the highly-competitive world of timeshares.

The timeshare point-of-sale app is only the end product of Alliance’s thorough and dynamic assessment of a timeshare resort. Alliance takes the role of a program evaluator as it assesses the efficacy, advertisements sales tactics and targets of a company and focuses the ideal content and strategies of each characteristic into a simple, easy-to-use iPad interface. The timeshare point-of-sale all is then used as a tool by all sales personnel to facilitate the sales process. “We remove the fluff and the need to experiment,” says Guffin, “what we essentially do is take the burden off our clients and let them use their own tools simply and comfortably.”

Most of what Alliance spotlights in the construction of its custom-tailored timeshare point-of-sale app is sales psychology packaged specifically with each of its timeshare resort clients in mind. Even within the same organization, a “one size fits all” standpoint is still avoided, as Alliance recognizes that different demographics of people will come to the same timeshare resort with different needs. Adventure seekers, young couples, vacationing families and party-chasing spring breakers all have different vacation goals, and Alliance has the ability to match different subgroups with different types of advertisements even within the same timeshare resort.

With the realization of Alliance’s timeshare point-of-sale app, huge gains can be expected in a timeshare resort’s volume per guest (VPG), a calculation of dollars generated per potential customer sought. One specific client of Alliance experienced a sales volume jump of $1800 to $2800 VPG, an increase of 40 percent.

Beyond building trust in a field riddled with dishonesty and doubt, this timeshare point-of-sale app is also credited with keeping a timeshare resort’s message consistent among all levels of sale personnel. Too often, the projections of a wide assortment of timeshare representatives tend to overwhelm and confuse consumers. Alliance’s timeshare point-of-sale app remedies this by maintaining the same message from all levels of a timeshare resort through the common use of the iPad.

Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions also oversees timeshare equity transfers for its clients and serves as a timeshare rental company wherein individual timeshare owners can rent out their owned properties. Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions is a United States-based company. Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions is an equal opportunity employer.

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