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Timeshare Ipad Application Software Brings Honesty Back To The Forefront Of Timeshare Industry

Added: (Sat Nov 12 2011)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Scottsdale, Arizona – Timeshare iPad application software is revolutionizing the way timeshare resorts do business with the proliferation of a timeshare iPad app created by Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions. With it, potential purchasers of shared ownership properties no longer have to fear being misled to by overeager salespeople.

Commonly referred to as “pitching heat” among those in the industry, the notorious misrepresentation of use and ownership details of shared ownership properties has been deep-rooted in the minds of consumers for decades. Thought to be along the same vein as used car dealerships, timeshare sales presentations have made many people shy away from the industry because of this stress-inducing stereotype. The world of timeshare companies is a highly competitive one and in an industry where there is very little government oversight many salespeople will unfortunately do whatever it takes to get ahead, allowing themselves to go against the wishes of their superiors and the values of their organizations.

Timeshare iPad application software is changing this, however, as agencies who hire consultants from Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions never have this problem. Instead of calling for fundamental changes in an organization or instituting harsher punishments for those who pitch heat, Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions makes it physically impossible for a company’s sales personnel to bend the truth with its timeshare iPad application software. The plan centers around the employment of a simple iPad application. This app, designed to be a multimedia marketing device to be used as timeshare point-of-sale material, becomes the cornerstone of successful and honest advertising from the salesperson to the client. When a timeshare resort introduces the app as the main tool for salespeople, all the facts are laid out professionally and elegantly on the timeshare iPad application software – not trusted to the words of the salesperson. The person-to-person contact is not eliminated; the app only works to facilitate the message of the resort and keep the sale honest and on-track.

Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions is unique in that has professionals with experience in the timeshare industry and also technicians with the skills necessary to create custom, attractive iPad timeshare software for each client it works with. This allows the experts at Alliance to tailor convenient, personalized and powerful apps for any resort in the timeshare industry.

Started by timeshare professional Heather Guffin, an industry veteran with a track record of turning the tide for struggling timeshare companies and skyrocketing profits, Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions brings the entertaining and easy-to-use technology of the iPad to the world of shared properties. With the attractive presentation of her company’s iPad timeshare app, any reason to lie to a potential client is effectively neutralized. “With this app the exaggeration becomes unnecessary,” says Guffin, “Our firm knows how to make anyone´s program exciting and attractive. The truth is that all timeshare companies sell the most valuable product anyone can buy: time. Time with our loved ones, time exploring the world, time just to meditate on what life is all about. We are experts on how to clearly communicate the real product that any timeshare company is offering. By reaching the heart of our clients´ potential new members, the need to exaggerate simply disappears.”

Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions also oversees timeshare equity transfers for its clients and serves as a timeshare rental company wherein individual timeshare owners can rent out their owned properties. Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions is a United States-based company. Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions is an equal opportunity employer.

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Contact information:
Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions
5810 Santa Maria Ave
#205 PMB 8-480
Laredo, TX 78041-3055
1-800-521-0254 (USA)
01-880-440-4000 (MEXICO)
1-979-987-3730 (INTERNATIONAL)

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