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Steel Storm Test Fire

Added: (Thu Aug 19 2010)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Every now and then you see a product that catches your eye. You’re intrigued, but perhaps it doesn’t seem practical or logical. Enter the Umarex Steel Storm. It’s not a typical Umarex replica and it’s not high-priced, but it looks like a load of fun and that’s what makes this product intriguing.
There are a couple of videos online that tout the features and show the action of the Steel Storm, but no video can really do this gun justice—you need to experience it for yourself. The looks, the sound and feel of it’s rapid fire… it’s just addictive.
The name given by Umarex, “Steel Storm,” is an actual reflection of this gun’s capability— it causes a thunder of impact downrange when it rains six steel BBs with every pull of the trigger. It also has a single-shot mode, but honestly, who’s going to use that? After all, this gun does have a 300-round reservoir, so why not propel six BBs at a row of unsuspecting jars? Contributing to it’s “storm” nomenclature, you can, without a doubt, feel the “tac-tac-tac-tac-tac-tac” of it’s action.
Charging the gun with CO2 was easy. The twin CO2 mag drops completely free of the grip, but it does have a second catch that you have to depress to get the mag all the way out, which is good so that the mag won’t drop to the ground and break upon it’s initial release. The mag also has a clip that holds the piercing wrench so it’s always with the gun. On this day of just trying it out, I shot mostly in 6-shot burst mode emptying the reservoir about the same time the CO2 ran out.
The Steel Storm I picked up ran flawlessly, but I did encounter some human-trial as I figured out just the right angle and amount of “shake” it took
to get 30 BBs from the reservoir into the built-in gravity fed magazine. Once I got that down though, it was smooth-sailing. I do recommend using a BB container with a semi-wide opening when pouring the BBs into the reservoir. If you use premium RWS BBs, pop the top completely off of the bottle.
While I didn’t expect great accuracy from this smooth-bore BB gun, I was pleasantly surprised. At about 20 feet I could put all 6 BBs in my target and in single-shot mode, no contest.
Bottom line—the Umarex Steel Storm is a blast! You can turn cans into a shredded mess and feel the grin on your face getting bigger with every squeeze of the trigger. The sound, the impact, the looks, the smile it puts on faces—it all contributes to the Steel Storm’s attractiveness.


Contact Information:
Umarex USA, Inc.
7700 Chad Colley Blvd.
Fort Smith, AR 72916

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