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Microsoft PowerPoint: 3D drawing with Perspector

Added: (Tue Nov 02 2004)

3 November 2004

Visual Exemplars has launched two new editions of its Perspector™ 3D add-in for PowerPoint.

Perspector helps presenters bring more creativity to their work and lift it above the ordinary. Audiences are weary of being bombarded with bullet points and therefore many presenters are now rethinking their approach and rediscovering that an appropriate image is indeed worth a thousand words. However, PowerPoint is a two-dimensional medium and, until Perspector came along, it was difficult for presenters to illustrate complex relationships between ideas in a simple way. The use of 3D and animated images is powerful as they come closer to connecting the viewer with the real world.

Microsoft’s PowerPoint Most Valuable Professional (MPV) Geetesh Bajaj in a review of Perspector said “I have to admit that I love Perspector. It allows me to play with the third dimension inside PowerPoint and it actually is so much fun to work with.”

Perspector allows users to draw within a ‘3D space’ behind the screen. It is now possible to work with three-dimensional cubes, spheres, comes, pyramids and many other shapes, and combine them in ways that add meaning. Perspector also animates their rotations if required, adding yet more creative possibilities to give greater impact to the presenter’s message.

A strength of Perspector is that one does not need to learn to use a new program. Anyone who has ever drawn diagrams using PowerPoint can work with Perspector quickly and instinctively because the interface will be familiar. This drew many appreciative comments at the recent PowerPoint Live! conference in San Diego where the new editions were first demonstrated.

Adrian Doyle, CEO of Visual Exemplars said: “Using Perspector is highly intuitive for PowerPoint users - that’s why we say that thanks to Perspector, PowerPoint is now 3D enabled.”

The new Standard and Professional editions are priced at $69 and $199 US dollars respectively. A free, fully-functioning trial version of Perspector is available to download from http://www.perspector.com where sample presentations and diagrams produced using Perspector can be seen. Features new to these editions include a more user-friendly interface, 3D animations, more 3D shapes and greater control of their properties, including the ability to create shiny surfaces.

To make Perspector-generated images even easier to incorporate into presentations, there are PowerPoint files on the website which people can download and adapt to their own use.

Notes for editors:

1) The first version of Perspector was released in May 2004. Users were upgraded to the new Professional version free of charge.

2) Main differences between the editions of Perspector are that, whilst people can draw 3D shapes with the Standard Edition, it is possible with the Professional Edition to bring images of slides from another part of a presentation and lay them out in another slide to show relationships between them.

3) MPV Geetesh Bajaj’s review of Perspector can be read on his on-line magazine ‘Indezine’,

4) Visual Exemplars Ltd is an Edinburgh-based software house whose mission is to improve graphics for the ordinary business user.

5) Editors who wish to download the install_Perspector.exe file from the Perspector website and distribute the trial version on cover disk are welcome to do so without further reference to Visual Exemplars. However, to help prepare for the rush of orders, please let us know of intended distributions.

6) Similarly, please notify any reviews published.


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