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How to Create an Info-Product in an Afternoon (or Morning!) Tele-Interview With Patsy Bellah and And

Added: (Mon Oct 05 2009)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Free Teleclass Shows How to Create an Info-Product in an Afternoon (or Morning!)

Entrepreneurs and Internet marketers from around the globe are invited to learn how to create an info-product in an afternoon (or morning!) at a free teleclass interview on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 6:00 pm PT/ 9:00 pm ET.

This interview is ideal for small business owners, coaches, and other service professionals who would like to transform their ideas and wisdom into info-products but donít know how and canít find the time.

If youíve been dreaming of creating your first info-product but just canít seem to find the time, this interview will show you how! If youíve been collecting ideas and content from your blogs and articles but still havenít created that first e-book, this interview will show you how! If ideas are coming at you quickly but you canít type fast enough, this interview will show you how!

ďIíve been ghostwriting info-products like books and ebooks for small business owners for years,Ē says Andrea Susan Glass, owner of WritersWay. ďAnd most of them tell me they just canít find the time or discipline to write their first info-product. Thatís why they come to me.Ē

With info-products being a great way for service professionals to leverage their time and income, more and more entrepreneurs want to write books, ebooks, ecourses, and other information products but donít know how to get started. They either canít find the time, donít have the ability, or donít have the commitment. At that point they need to get guidance either in the form of a book, ebook, coach, class, or ghostwriter.

ďFor years I've seen people you struggle to write a book or ebook,Ē says Patsy Bellah, owner of Great Transcriptions. ďThey work a full-time job, then go home at night to write a little more in their book. Or, I've seen Info-preneurs give presentations, a keynote speech, a seminar or workshop, and go home at night, still wondering how they are ever going to find the time to create the dynamic info-product they want to create. You know that every day you donít have your info-product on the market is costing you money, causing you frustration, and holding you back.Ē
Because of seeing this so often, Bellah developed a way to create an info-product in an afternoon! On Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET, Glass, the leader in personal and professional development ghostwriting and copyediting will interview Patsy on ďHow to Create an Info-Product in an Afternoon (or Morning!).Ē Patsy is the author of the ebook ďHow To Get Your Info-Product To Market With Lightning Speed! Fourteen Surefire Ways To Create Your Own Info-Product In An Afternoon.Ē Check it out at http://www.lightningfastinfoproducts.com/lfinfo-ebook.html

In the interview, Bellah will discuss a simple A-B-C formula to create info-products in one afternoon (or morning), how to transform your ideas and wisdom into info-products faster than you ever dreamed possible, and how to find the time when you thought you didnít have any. You'll also learn how you can apply these ideas to create special reports, press releases, blog posts, and articles. If you want to build an Internet marketing business you need info-products; thereís no way around it!

If youíre finally ready to create info-products for passive profits and want a surefire way to do it quickly, then sign up for this tele-interview. To register go to www.WritersWay.com/102009. The host and the speaker will have some special offers.

The free event is being conducted by Andrea Susan Glass, an expert copyeditor and award-winning ghostwriter. For additional information contact andrea@writersway.com. To order a free report and get more information about writing info-products visit www.WritersWay.com.

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