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Urban Seeds Dominating the Hip-Hop Scene!

Added: (Wed Nov 23 2011)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Urban Seeds dominating the Seattle Hip-Hop/R & B/ Reggae scene! On November 11th the guys rocked the stage at Hard Rock Cafe Seattle at their release party for their album "Grow" releasing in all record stores.. Now for sale on Itunes (Distributed by Island Def Jam).

Special guests: Bryn King, Mike Treeight Dance, Kenmoro Kelly aka Kin, Tim Rage Anderson aka Outrageous, & last but not least Epic Props Props! Gonna be a FUN show!!

Urban Seeds is ready to burst out from the underground to the forefront of urban music and Bullz Eye Entertainment is unwavering in its commitment to ensure their success.

The group’s mixture of musical influences, such as Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rap, a dash of Jazz, and real-life lyrics, distinguish this band from others on the music scene.

All in a Day, one of the songs released by Urban Seeds and posted on their website, http://www.urbanseeds.net, is a song about the daily struggle of “the little guy” trying to make a legitimate living.

“I’m trying to get paid
in a legitimate way.
But at the end of the day
I can honestly say,
my energy’s drained
by all my efforts and pain
I deal with, all in a day”

Fred Bennett, a/k/a B.U.D., Joe Reyes, Andrew Stauffer and Justin Hill are the potent, multi-talented artists who make up the group.
Bennett, a lead vocalist, rapper, singer and songwriter, released a solo album, “Chronic Illness,” in April, 2010. The album receives impressive reviews and has gained a fan-base from the UK to Washington.

Reyes is also a lead vocalist, songwriter and performs back-up vocals. The fusion of talent between Bennett and Reyes ignite the inspiration for their amazing hooks!

Hills is the band’s official studio engineer and, unlike many urban groups, plays a full set of drums for live performances, and a hand-held drum for unplugged sessions.

Stauffer is co-engineer and can play the bass with his left hand and the keyboard with his right at the same time!

B.U.D., Reyes, Hill and Stauffer can each stand independently on his own individual musical abilities, but fate had other plans. Each member is irreplaceable and delivers unique skills and expertise, which make up the band as a whole.

This crew is tight.

They also appreciate their fans, ranging in age from 9 to 60 years-old and love seeing them dance hard at their shows with the energy created by their music. This band is on their way to claiming their rightful place among other musical Icons!


Hey check out "Backbeat" LIVE by Urban Seeds @ Hard Rock Cafe, Nov 10, 2011!


Submitted by:Michelle "Chella" Magee
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