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Roland Thick and Mamas Gunz Bang!Music Inc. pushes HipHop into the future

Added: (Fri Jan 02 2009)

Pressbox (Press Release) - If you know anything about underground hiphop, you gotta know Roland Thick. This hiphop artist was the first rapper/producer I ever saw do "real" hiphop in Atlanta. Back in 1989 a company called Dynasty Records founded by Raymond Tigner crowned Roland Thick as the "King of Rap" and offered him a contract to release an album and a car. He was joined on stage by the then "Secret Society" led by Speech, who later on became a grammy award winning pop artist with Arrested Development. He is long time friend of Mopreme Shakur, founder of Thug Life and brother to the late Tupac Shakur. Roland and Mopreme have a song on Mopremes new movie titled "The day before the wedding" due to be released this year with Luis Guzman. Roland introduced Atlanta to "snap music" in 2000, a form of music that has been popularized by industry rappers and r and b artist. His most recent project is with Mamas Gunz, the female CEO who is known as the Queen of the Streets. Bang!Music is a hiphop company that takes artist from around the world and releases them at the rawest form possible. The projects are gritty, interesting, and unlike anything I have ever heard. One of my favorite groups is Raw Beat Mafia, the hiphop band/dj/mob. The consist of tons of producers d.j's and musicians who come together and form unique blends of hiphop sounds in a very catchy fashion. On the song Allready with Mopreme Shakur, the horns and latin percussion takes my mind into a samba club with Thug Life rocking the mic and Mamas Gunz spittin on the second verse, very smooth cut. They also have a new World Club artist named Josh Green being released in 2009 who has some very smooth songs on the Bang!Music leak CD. With the promise of releasing one CD every month, we will hear alot from this company in 2009.

Submitted by:kyle lamp at mojoe magazine
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