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National Underwear Day: How to become an Underwear Model

Added: (Mon Aug 07 2006)

Pressbox (Press Release) - If you mail simple snapshots of your body to an underwear brand, they just might hire you if they think you are “hot”.

In observance of National Underwear Day on this Wednesday, August 9, a male modeling website is offering tips on how an average Joe can become an underwear model. After years of experience recruiting and selecting male models, Campus Men has learned what people who choose models expect.

Some underwear brands aim for a “reputation” in their advertising. Elastic, cotton vs. poly isn't as important as the “mystique” underwear brands are selling. An owner of an underwear line will hire a guy who is not represented by a modeling agency if the guy is the "right fit" for the brand.

Underwear modeling usually focuses on the midsection part of the body - from the pectorals to the knees. Some underwear brands show a model’s face in their packaging and others display hips and stomach without showing the identity of the model.

Many people think male models must have large muscles. This is not necessarily true. Guys with lean bodies and a low percentage of body-fat appear best on film. Lean bodies provide “crevices” in muscles a camera can see. Bigger, bulkier bodies appear "plump" on film.

Highly developed abs are needed to even get noticed by an underwear brand. Abs tend to be the most important body part casting directors consider. Once a guy’s abdominals are in tip-top shape, he should develop them even more and lose as much body fat as possible. Then he should work those abs more! This means no beer, and no pizza or other carbs after 7PM. Life as an underwear model requires dedication!

Target smaller brands
When it comes to underwear brands, most people think of large national brands such as Calvin Klein and Jockey. However, there are many more small underwear brands. An amateur male model who is not represented by a modeling agency will a better chance to get noticed by a smaller underwear line such as Ginch Gonch, Wax Brand or N2N Bodywear. Smaller companies might employ six people, but a guy has a better chance of his photos being seen by the president of the company.

Making Contact
Getting the right snapshots into the right hands at a company is key.

If a company hundreds of miles of way is to invest time into talking to a potential model, he should show them exactly what his body looks like.

CampusMen.com offers straightforward instructions on how to create modeling audition photos. The most common problem? Guys think they need professional photographs or concern themselves with the background of a photo, when all casting directors need are evenly lighted “mug shot” snapshots. They want to see what a potential model’s body, not his living room or a nice waterfall in the behind the guy.

Lighting is important because decision-makers need to accurately evaluate a body. Just because a guy wears underwear when posing for an audition photograph does not mean he needs to pose indoors. Going outdoors to a location that offers ample, even lighting without shadows is best. Dark or out of focus photos do not convince decision-makers.'

If you receive a call
Guys should accept any legitimate underwear packaging modeling opportunities – even if the pay is minimal. Once a guy has one “underwear modeling,” job under his belt, he is forever considered to be an “underwear model” and doors to other, higher-paying opportunities open.

However, if a beginner is offered a small amount, say $250, he should request his name be printed whenever his photo appears in ads and packaging. For example: “Model: John Smith” in small lettering under photos. The exposure he receives will last long after that $250 is spent. If a guy’s name appears along side his photo, other modeling professionals will be able to hire him.

Distance from the brand
Some underwear brands might consider potential models who live in the Midwest or any city that is far from their offices. Why? Some brands aim for an urban look, gritty back-alley image in their advertising. No Fruit of the Loom “talking fruit” here. Some people take their underwear seriously! Transforming a wholesome All-American guy into a naughty underwear model sells boxes of briefs for them. Its shocking. Small brands tend to lead the cutting edge in sexy advertising. Wax Brand’s campaign featuring Real World: Philadelphia’s Landon aimed to shock viewers in 2005 with two males and a female in the same bed. Vancouver’s Ginch Gonch offers especially naughty screensavers and videos on their website.

However, being located in a city far from the brand is usually a hindrance to being chosen. Underwear brands are busy selling underwear and don't want to be burdened with planning travel. So, when speaking a company, a guy should make it clear that he can be available with two weeks notice. If offered the job, he will be there with no hassle!

So, guys should grab their digital camera and show small underwear brands why they should consider an “unknown” for their next campaign. There are so many different underwear brands, and all need male models!

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