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Some of Hollywood’s top film-makers have backed a project by two enterprising students who aim to unite independent movie-makers all over the world in the making of a film shot in Wales, which they hope could emulate the success of ‘The Blair Witch Project’.

The Indywood franchise is the brainchild of entrepreneur movie-maker AD Lane, a third year film and video student at the International Film School Wales (IFSW).

AD Lane and his entrepreneurial partner Andrew Cargill have come up with a revolutionary idea to fund their first feature film “Invasion of the Not Quite Dead”. Their fundraising website is offering 6000 people the unique opportunity to help produce an Independent horror movie.

”We want to give people from all around the world a chance to help out and contribute towards getting our movie made, this is an ambitious project and if successful may help inspire more filmmakers to fund their own movies here in the UK”, said Antony.

Indywood needs to sell 6000 producer squares in order to reach the $120,000 target goal.

“Both me and Antony have complete faith in this concept, the site has only been online for two weeks, we have already sold a great number of squares and received an incredible amount of interest from established filmmakers from across the globe” said Andrew.

“Each producer square costs $20 (£10.08) and in return for this you will get a chance to put your photo on the homepage, this will then be linked to your own profile page, where you can promote yourself, your work, or absolutely anything you wish to bring to public attention” said Andrew.

Also included in the package is the chance to join an exclusive filmmaking community and become an actual film producer for “Invasion of the Not Quite Dead”.

“There is also a competition so that one lucky producer will walk away with 10% of the movies budget, with the winning producer being picked out at random by Lloyd Kaufman, the president of Troma Entertainment, (Americas number one Independent Studio).” said Antony.

“I want to prove to the world that anyone determined enough and is motivated enough can achieve their wildest dreams, and this is that project” said Andrew Cargill.

The project already has the backing of legendary American independent film producer JR Bookwalter and top Hollywood special effects and makeup artist, Rich Knight, whose credits include hit TV series ‘The X-Files’ and the blockbuster movies, ‘X-Men 3’ and ‘Poseidon’.

Rich Knight said, "Indywood represents the future of Independent film”

Rich is so committed to the Indywood project that he is willing to waive his Hollywood fee and do the special effects for nothing, and, as he is also an actor, will play one of the leading roles.

Legendary film director Ken Russell has also joined the list of Hollywood film-makers in giving his support to this ambitious project and has also accepted the position of Executive Producer.

Ken Russell, who is a visiting professor at IFSW, said, “I’m very pleased to give my support to Indywood which is a very ambitious project. Antony deserves all the support he can get for using the internet as a method of bringing together independent film-making talent from all over the world.”

“It’s a great honour to have such an amazing film-maker as Ken Russell on board,” said 28-year-old Tony. “Ken, who will also have a part in the film, is a great believer in independent film-making and will be using the Indywood project as a way of distributing all his recent films on the World Wide Web.

The filmmaking duo are currently pursuing Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, a big supporter of independent films, to support the project and maybe take a cameo in the movie.

Antony is currently completing the script for the 90-minute horror film entitled 'Invasion of The Not Quite Dead', which will spoof Hollywood B-movies in a very unique way. Shooting will begin in August 2007 at various locations around Cardiff and Brecon.

“I now have under a year to find the funding for the film, and find a cast and crew,” said Antony. “I aim to raise most of the money independently so that when it comes to getting it distributed it will generate enough money for us to make our second Indywood movie, and that way help bring life into the almost dead Independent film Industry here in the UK.

The Indywood Project was launched on the 1st Jan 2007 and has seven months to raise the desired budget; within less than 2 weeks it is already receiving a huge amount of media coverage as well as supporters from the film industry who want nothing more than to see this ambitious project see the light of day.

“I want to prove that you don’t have to rely on studios or private investors to raise a movie’s budget. With ambition and enthusiasm the sky’s the limit – we can bring Hollywood to the UK.”

“I’m looking for anyone who can help turn this dream into a reality,” said Tony. “That doesn’t just mean people who want to become a film producer and get a screen credit by contributing towards the $120,000 budget needed to make the film. People with a range of skills will be needed – hair-dressers, make-up artists, actors and extras.

The film will have an official London premiere before being shown at top film festivals worldwide, including Cannes.

“My dream is that a studio picks it up when we take it to the festivals and gives it a theatrical release – which is what happened with ‘The Blair Witch Project’”

“With the Indywood website already scoring thousands of hits daily, it’s possible that we will be able to independently distribute all Indywood movies on the site either through download or by DVD, giving us complete control over our movie creatively and through sales.”

For more information about the Indywood project, visit www.indywoodproject.com or email indywood@hotmail.co.uk

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