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It’ll be all white on the night – What your front door says about you

Added: (Mon Nov 12 2007)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The Great British public are awash with white according to a survey conducted by outdoor paint specialists, Sandtex, with white and cream proving to be the most popular colour for front doors. Research also shows that the colour you choose is very reflective of personality – so are you full of charisma or dull and predictable?

Surprisingly for this impractical colour our figures show 40% of houses that have been sold recently had a white or cream door, showing it to be far and away the most popular colour.

White also polled as the most fashionable colour to paint your front door with over a quarter of recipients citing it as the top tone for your front door.

Dr David Holmes, a leading psychologist from Manchester Metropolitan University comments on what front door colours say about people “White is more likely to be found on front door’s owned by people who have a tidy house, who abhor mess and like a clean and clinical, modern decor.”

The complete opposite it seems of those owning a green door, who have more traditional tastes and a tendency to be hoarders. If you dislike confrontation, it might be an idea to steer clear of red door owners, who aren’t afraid of speaking their mind, and if you want to win friends and potential partners, go for blue – as they’re the ones with bags of charm and charisma.

Colour of door - What it says about your personality
Red - I am not afraid of speaking my mind, and will not think twice if something’s not to my liking.
White - I like things clear cut and tidy.
Yellow - I love being at the heart of my community and will almost certainly be the co-ordinator of the local neighbourhood watch scheme.
Blue - I have natural style and plenty of charm and charisma.
Green - I am traditional at heart and prefer to blend in with the crowd rather than stand out from it.
Purple - Purple is the choice of the more daring individual who has aspirations beyond the average. They would rather be thought of as daring and distinctive than safe and predictable.
Black - Black is chosen by consistent, reliable but indecisive individuals who are reserved in their taste. However, their choices stand the test of time and are recognised by others as tasteful.

The least popular colour for a front door was overwhelmingly purple. 28% of Brits surveyed agreed purple was considered the least fashionable door colour – yet it is regarded as one of the most fashionable clothing colours this autumn. Yellow was the next ghastly tone for a “door don’t” despite it demonstrating community spirit. Londoners most vehemently opposed purple with 46% citing it as a colour they wouldn’t want on their front door.

London and Scotland bucked the national results by suggesting red was the most fashionable front door colour and the Irish opted for black. However, the Midlands, North East, North West, South East, South West and Wales all agreed with the whitewash.

Obviously Gordon Brown’s new home at number 10 is famously black as is Madonna’s, Liz Hurley’s and Gwyneth Paltrow’s pad.

Emma Thompson has opted for fiery Red aligned to London’s fashionable skew and Jack White, from the White Stripes has painted his front door fire engine red to complement their red and white stage look.

The front door colour choice for Kate Moss is green – quite aptly related to her surname - and the most famous white door of all, is that of President Bush at the White House.

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