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Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Added: (Tue Aug 02 2011)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The habit of smoking is fairly common and the urge to quit it even more so. Finally, an alternative is here.

Electronic cigarettes are the healthier counterpart of the tobacco cigarettes. They taste and feel just like a normal cigarette but are devoid of the harmful additives like tar and carbon monoxide that traditional cigarettes are choked up with.

Although not necessarily a smoking cessation device, they have proved to help people stop smoking and switch over completely to electronic cigarettes.

The atomizer and the cartridge form the basis of the water vapor cigarettes. The atomizer changes the liquid in the cartridge into vapor, which condenses into water droplets on cooling down, after being smoked out in the air. These cigarettes are battery operated and hence a lot of emphasis is placed on the performance and life of the battery. The cartridge contains nicotine, which is available in different strengths. Also, it is available in various flavors to suit everyone’s taste.

Electronic cigarettes are safe. They do not contain the harmful ingredients of the tobacco cigarettes. Even the nicotine content is very measured and as such, nicotine in itself is not that injurious to health. When it is combined with substances such as tar, it becomes injurious.

E-cigarettes easily score over tobacco cigarettes with their various advantages. The health advantage is very apparent, plus the low cost is also a big advantage. The cost of purchasing the starter kits might seem expensive but subsequently, it turns out cheaper than the tobacco variants. A cartridge should last a year, depending on the smoking style. The refills also are at a reasonable rate. It is environment friendly as well, as no smoke is actually produced. The smoke that is seen is basically water vapor. Also, since no smoke is actually produced, they are acceptable in most of the public areas as well. Due to the absence of second hand smoke, they are not dangerous to other people’s health.

Being new in the market, electronic cigarettes are presently available only through the company websites. They need to be ordered online. Various starter kits are available with most of the brands to suit different needs and one can opt for the trial packs, in order to try the thing first.

Electronic cigarettes are a much needed change. With increasing health concerns, they are on the way forward.

I myself was a chain smoker and before moving to an E Cig. I read 100s of e cigarette reviews before stopping to my brand that is electronic cigarettes.

Submitted by:julie stampnitzky
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