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5 Trendy Ways to Style Your Vinyl Banners

Added: (Thu Feb 16 2012)

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Vinyl banners are in great demand these days. They are meant to serve your need at several types of events. Starting from a wedding ceremony to a corporate gathering, vinyl banners are definitely required everywhere. The rapid popularity of vinyl banners is due to the superior quality of text and images that it offers. However, it is increasingly being felt that these vinyl banners are being designed in almost the same. This leaves out any uniqueness from these banners and hence, all the vinyl banners look more or less the same.


So, what can you possibly do to make your vinyl banners different? Firstly, you can put up three dimensional images on your vinyl banner. Although the picture in actuality is two-dimensional, choose such graphics which give the feel of the third dimension. This third dimension, which is in the form of depth of the picture, can make your banner look sparkling different from the rest.


Secondly, use bright and fun colors. This would make your vinyl banners printing look attractive and highly appealing. It is human nature that we get attracted to bright colors naturally. Hence, a brighter and possibly ‘ fun’ banner is going to attract the attention of the people more easily than a dull and simple one. The fun element can be in the form of interesting and trendy graphics and logos.


Thirdly, try to use sleeker fonts for your texts. These come in the form of web 2.0 style fonts which can be easily downloaded from the internet. Although it might not sound much better, but making your font more stylish and modern is going to make a huge impact on the appearance of your banner. Apart from obtaining ready-made fonts, you can always design your own fonts which would make your banner not only unique but more customized to your type of content. Font designing is an open and creative field which endless possibilities of innovation.

Fourthly, you need to smooth your graphics to stylize your vinyl banners. So, instead of using the old block style fonts and graphics, try to go for sleeker and smoother graphics. This can be done by adding more curves and subtle transitions. This would help in giving you banner a modern look and hence, help in attracting more attention.


Fifthly, you can add dynamic colors and textures. Use textures in the background and try not to leave any space unused. Add bold and dynamic colors in the background. This would in making your banner look full and of course, more modern. Old, empty and dull vinyl banners are not appreciated by anyone anymore.

Submitted by:brett lee
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