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Pressbox: press release writing

Construction and Distribution


1. In general a press release shouldn't be more than one page long.

2. The Physical Format

Separate the sections clearly to make sure that the recipient can access the information that they need effectively. Use something similar to below and stick to a format:


Let the journalist know where they should start.


Let the journalist know where the release finishes.


Extra information about the topic, company, etc., e.g. summary of the companies activities, how long they have been established.


Name, title, address, phone number, fax, e-mail and websites address if the journalist needs more information or more quotes.


Most writers will recognise ##### for as the end of a release. Full contact details so if there are any enquiries the journalist has a contact to get back to.

electronic distribution

  • Don't send attachments as some recipients do not open files that they think may contain a virus, or may not find attachments acceptable unless they are warned beforehand.

  • Switch off the email editor facility if your package caters for these. You don't know what email software your recipient will be using, it is far more effective to send it by email in plain text.

  • Remove bold, italics, underlining and unnecessary formatting, as when it is delivered it will be received as gibberish.

  • Most importantly ensure that the release is hitting your target audience and not sent to recipients that are not relevant.