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Cortec« Presents Environmentally Safe VpCI« Papers

Cortec« VpCI« papers provide multi-metal protection in simple, economical applications for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals eliminating the need to inventory a variety of papers for each of the metals you need to protect. They prevent package contamination by utilizing only the highest quality n(Added: Thu Sep 08 2011)

Cortec Proven Preservation Solutions are Trusted Globally to Protect Idle Assets During Storage, Lay popular

Whether you are storing a single gearbox for a few months or shutting down an entire production facility, Cortec« can help preserve your valuable property with any combination of our technologies. Cortec« is trusted globally to work directly with your facility and supply chain ľ Freight Forwarders,(Added: Mon Aug 29 2011)

Cortec´┐Żs EcoLine´┐Ż CLP, The ´┐ŻGreen´┐Ż Way To Protect Machinery Parts From Friction And Corrosio

Cortec´┐Żs EcoLine´┐Ż CLP is a ´┐Żgreen´┐Ż multifunctional cleaner/lubricant/penetrant (CLP) that will maximize the life of machine parts by reducing friction and wear, while providing corrosion protection. It can be used to loosen frozen or rusted parts and is also an excellent mold release. EcoLi(Added: Tue Jun 14 2011)

Ten Times More Protection with Cortec«.

Cortec« Corporationĺs EcoFoam VpCIÖ is superior foam produced from soy vegetable oil that provides flexible packaging, corrosion protection, cushioning, and desiccant action all in one step. You can eliminate expensive and messy rust preventatives with EcoFoam VpCIÖ, and parts protected are always (Added: Tue Jul 08 2008)


Clean up with Cortec«!

Cortec« Corporation announces an exciting addition to the MCI« product line. MCI«-2061 combines chemistry and biology to remove problematic oil stains and improve the appearance of concrete. It contains biodegradable surfactants that can quickly and effectively clean oil stains and bacteria (spo(Added: Fri Jun 06 2008)