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Best Location for Your Diwali Vacation: Rann Utsav

Added: (Mon Sep 30 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The Great Rann of Kutch is a salt marsh which is located in the Thar Desert in the Kutch District of Gujarat. The temperature variation is significantly great. Winter months are usually cozy as the temperature falls to 12°C compared to 48°C during the summer season. This perfect weather allows tourist to indulge themselves in the alluring landscapes.

The winter in Kutch commences from October and lasts until February. To avoid the excruciating summer heat, you should prefer these months for your tour. Moreover, the great Rann Utsav also takes place during these months which adorns the beauty of Kutch even more. This festival of Kutch focuses on showcasing the color of the region, providing a stage for the arts and crafts of the entire Gujarat state. The colorful Rann of Kutch during this time looks no less than magic.
Rann Utsav is an ideal location to spend your Diwali Holidays but if you aren’t still fully convinced then let’s see what actually festival of Rann is!

Rann Utsav - A Festival at White Rann

Rann Utsav is a beautiful festival of Kutch, Gujarat where a carnival of Music, Dance, and Natural Beauty of White Rann is greatly experienced. There is nothing quite like spending a night under the full Moon during this festival. On the full moon night, moon emerges to be as bright as the sun but it certainly has no intention to rouse you of your slumber. It is advised to be visited from November to March during the winter season.

The beauty of Rann is not only experienced during a full moon but all the landscapes during sunrise and sunset are also phenomenal. The view of the sun and white sand looks too pretty that cannot be expressed through words.

It’s a Family holiday destination to explore fun moments and store memories into cameras for a lifetime. Besides beautiful landscapes, there are many activities as well.

Breathtaking Rann Utsav Activities:

SKYZILLA - The Adventure Tower

The Skyzilla is a staggering 60 feet tower where one can enjoy a range of adventure- activities. Zip-lining, rock climbing, sky fall, pendulum swing and a rappelling wall, these activities allow you to face your fears and conquer them.

• Rock Climbing
• Rappelling Wall
• Pendulum Swing
• Zipline Tower

Adventure Sports

• ParaMotoring
• Rifle Shooting
• Bungee Run Basketball
• Trikke


• Pool
• Chess
• Star Gazing
• Spa
• Archery
• Kid’s Zone


• Club House
• Golf Cart
• Conference & Meditation Hall

Beauty of Kutch

There are some beautiful sites which are within the few kilometers of Rann Utsav. These spectacular tourist attractions won’t fail to amaze you by its beauty:


Hodka is an example of how these people around Kutch have incorporated color into their lives. The village is jeweled with Bhungas, circular mud huts with conical thatch roofs, some of which serve as home-stays.
Here a community depends upon handicrafts for a living and people like ‘Umra Kana’ can turn a piece of leather into artistic footwear.


Nirona village is located around 40 km north of Bhuj. You can find three very unique local art forms whereas one of which was even made its way to ‘The White House’.
The Rogan Art which is placed at The White House is a legacy art form for the past 300 years by the Khatri family of Nirona.

In the culture of Nirona handicraft work, there are categories in which the following things are concluded as their traditional and regional work:

● Embroidery
● Wood Carving
● Mudwall Painting
● Silver Work
● Sea-Shell Toys
● Hand Block Printing
● Pen-Knives / Nut- Crackers
● Iron Bell with Copper Coating

Dasada Bird Sanctuary

Dasada is a small village which is located in the Little Rann of Kutch where the birds are migrated.
Dasada is the only place where you will find Indian Wild Ass. The famous bird here has a watching sight of just 90 kilometers away from Dasada. This village has emerged as one of the major bird watching sites all over India. Also, there is a beautiful art and crafts area where you can purchase handicrafts.


Dholavira is a popular weekend getaway in Gujarat for people seeking peace and thrill. With such a unique geographic location, it is Rustic, beautiful and charming.
Dholavira is a paradise on the earth which is located 250 km away from Bhuj district, near Khadir bet in the great Rann of Kutch. It is an ancient town that contains the fascinating and historic ruins of the Indus Valley Civilization.

Flamingo City

It is believed that the beautiful flamingos migrate from the cold regions to India in winter. These birds move to the island in October. Around 10 lakhs flamingos were noted in 2011 on this island, according to forest officers. This is why the island has become one of the largest nesting sites of the species in the country. These flamingos are found only in the Great Rann of Kutch.


It is the town that is easily explored on foot, well worth wandering the narrow streets to check out the mix of old architecture. Many wealthy barons during the city's heyday had flamboyant houses built.
Many houses in Mandvi were built with lots of European influence; it is not uncommon to see carved angels or stained-glass windows. Moreover, the Bandhani textiles of Mandvi is one should not miss out!

Now if you are convinced enough then let’s see how to proceed further because a stunning Diwali vacation is waiting for you.

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