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Don't Write and Drive: Record Your Cell Phone Conversations

Added: (Mon Mar 13 2006)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Real Estate Safety Site Encourages Using Cell Phone Recording Technology
To Make Our Roads a Safer Place

3/13/06 - It's bad enough trying to talk on a cell phone while driving, but to further distract yourself by trying to write down what a client is telling you is even more dangerous - and sadly, a very common practice in the real estate business.

"We've all done it, whether we're willing to admit it or not," said a spokesperson for Real Estate Agent Safety.com. "You're driving down the road, you've got other clients in the car with you, you've got a busy day ahead of you, and no time to pull over. Then the phone rings and another client starts talking your ear off. You know you should pull over to write down the information, but it's much easier to just grab that pen and scribble out a quick note on that pad of paper in your console as you keep on driving. It's the most unsafe habit real estate agents have."

Record Your Cell Phone Conversation, and Listen to it Later
"One of the products we feature is a service that digitally records both sides of your phone conversations (http://www.realestateagentsafety.com/usefultools.html), and allows you to play them back later on any computer with an internet connection," the spokesperson continued. "Knowing that you won't lose any information from your calls is the best way to keep yourself safe out on the road. You can concentrate on driving better without attempting to write notes at the same time. It will improve not only your safety, but the safety of the passengers in your vehicle."

The phone recording service (Cell Phone Recorder Cards) is purchased in the form of pre-paid minutes, works for either cell phone or land line phone conversations, and may be used for all domestic calls in the U.S and Canada. For more information, check out the Useful Tools section of RealEstateAgentSafety.com.

"Of course, as a safety website, we also encourage real estate agents to pull over to the side of the road for any and all phone conversations while driving, if they are not using a hands-free setup for their cell phones," the spokesperson added.

For more information about recording cell phone conversations, safety tips for real estate agents, or personal safety products, please visit Real Estate Agent Safety.com on the web at: www.realestateagentsafety.com

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