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Parijatak Provides the Best Line of Remedy to Fight Nausea during Pregnancy

Added: (Sat Sep 28 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Nausea is commonly referred to as morning sickness and is triggered off by hormonal and physical changes taking place in a woman’s body. Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day and night and not in the mornings alone. Intensity too varies from woman to woman. Even the best gynecologist doctor in Nagpur or any other city will have nothing to comment on the intensity and occurrence of nausea during pregnancy. However, Ayurveda has an answer to all.

Here are a few tips to counter nausea.

Nausea tends to be at its peak when you wake up since your stomach is empty. Here are a few Ayurvedic tips that serve as the best gynecology treatment to help you fight nausea during pregnancy:

Snack lightly on a small banana or cereal of your choice. Instead of having three wholesome large meals in a day, go in for five or six small meals. When pregnant, your body and baby need constant nourishing. By eating small and frequent portions, you keep replenishing the food supply for both you and your baby. Mini meals also help to reduce the risk of heartburn and ease nausea.

Drink 8-12 glasses of water and stay away from carbonated drinks. Fizzy drinks only serve to upset your stomach. Drinking enough water helps to prevent dehydration and also reduces attacks of nausea. Refrain from consuming foods with strong odors.

Some women do develop odor aversions during pregnancy. If a particular smell bothers you, and gives you an attack of nausea, stay away from it. Cigarette smoke, coffee, and fried foods can cause nausea attacks.

Sit up or stand when your stomach feels queasy. When you do lie down, slightly elevate your head and upper body by placing your body on a pillow. Drink ginger tea to settle the stomach and fight queasiness. Never resort to over the counter medicines to relieve nausea. Get plenty of rest whenever you can make sure not to nap right after a meal. This can only help to worsen nausea. Avoid being in warm places, this too can trigger nausea attacks.

During days of nausea attacks, feed you on sandwiches, raw vegetables, and salads. Take bland food and avoid spicy rich dishes. Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Lemons are good to counter nausea, and you can either suck or sniff them. Ginger in any form can be helpful. Peppermint tea is great for morning sickness.

Taking Vitamin B 6 daily helps to fight pregnancy-induced nausea attacks. There are acupuncture wrist bands that use acupressure pulse points to fight nausea. It has no side effects and it is prescribed and promoted by doctors widely. Go to bed early and if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, snack on something very light so that you end up having a nausea-free day the next day.

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