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Memory decline: major risk factors and how to address – Freedom Age

Added: (Fri Sep 27 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Memory decline is a major issue faced by the aging population in today’s time. Its the lifestyle to be largely blamed for this let’s take a look at the preventable risk factors for this condition

Some of the major risk factors affecting your brain which are completely preventable:

Reduced blood flow due to the Inflammation around vessels, atherosclerosis, plaques, etc…

Sugar, Carbohydrates, Cigarette, Alcohol, Coffee, Processed food, Food with preservatives, Stress, Lack of exercise, Hormone imbalance, latent infections make it worse

Improve memory by:

a) Exercising

b) Eating non-inflammatory food

c) Zero sugar, trans fats

d) Restrict intake of inflammatory grains

e) Take Curcumin, Omega 3, Probiotics

f) Keep your gut healthy and clean

g) Intermittent fasting

h) Bio Hormone therapy

i) Detox for heavy metals

j) Prevent mold exposure

h) Avoid intake of BPA by abandoning the use of plastic containers

i) Wash vegetables and fruits to make them pesticide-free

j) Avoid paraben and phthalates in cosmetics




Submitted by:Dr Kalpana Gupta Sekhawat
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