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iNextrix Announced to Offer Multiple Auto Dialers in Its Call Center Software

Added: (Thu Sep 26 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, more popularly known as iNextrix, is a leading IT company. The company has been catering to mobile, web, and VoIP customers all across the world. The company has also launched an intelligent call center software to benefit call centers and customers with the combined power of AI, call center, and relevant technologies. This call center product of the company is furnished with a wide array of features to benefit its users.

At a recent event, one of the spokespeople of the company announced that the iCallify, intelligent call center software of the company will have multiple auto dialers. As a matter of fact, the auto dialers are used in the call center solution to automate the task of calling leads. When a call center or a company uses auto dialers, they don’t need to dial numbers one by one. This task is taken care of by the call center software itself. In today’s progressive world, the auto dialers are available in multiple varieties and in the iCallify all different types of major call center dialers are available.

The spokesperson of the company briefly explained different auto dialers available in their intelligent call center software, iCallify:

1. Auto dialer

It is a fundamental call center dialer and it automates dialing operations in the call centers and companies. It takes a lead list and goes through it one by one. It dials a number and allocates it to the available agent. It doesn’t check if the call is attended or not. Also, agents will wait while the phone is ringing.

2. Predictive dialer

It is the most advanced type of auto dialer. It also uses AI based predictive technology. The predictive dialer predicts in advanced how many agents will be free in the next second or minute. Also, it predicts how many calls will be answered by real customers or prospects. By keeping these predictions into account, it dials multiple numbers so enough calls can get connected to the agents and allocated to them as soon as they are available.

3. Progressive dialer

This is also one of the strongest call center dialers. In this case, it dials lead numbers automatically as soon as an agent gets available to pick up the call. It also checks whether the call is attended by a human or by an answering machine or it is rejected. As soon as the call is connected to the human, it transfers the call to the agents.

4. Preview dialer

This auto dialer dials the call and shows the preview of the lead to the agent in advanced. It means the agent can see who he will be talking to as soon as he hangs up his current call. The agent can choose to skip the call if he wants to for certain reasons.

As per the spokesperson of iNextrix Technologies, all major 4 auto dialers are available in iCallify to benefit its users. This intelligent call center software solution also has additional features that can benefit call centers and companies that use it. The company has a webpage that gives complete detail about this call center solution, here: https://inextrix.com/icallify

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