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Impact of Ayurveda on Health and Wellness

Added: (Wed Sep 25 2019)

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Ayurveda wellness is our ancient Indian recipe to health and fitness. Today we are all moving towards a sedentary lifestyle, which is filled with massive amount of stress on a day to day basis. Both these factors are impacting our health adversely today. Very young and very old, people from all age groups are facing plethora of diseases.

The problem is so widespread that people today are facing problems that they had never faced before, at the young age. Deadly diseases taking lives, is a case of pure negligence on our part.

In the fast life that we live today, we want so much with so little time in hand, that we tend to over exert our body more often that we expect. With this we also end up inducing a lot of health issues in our body even without realizing so.

Nature has a cure to every problem that human body faces. While we are continuously trying to make it complex day by day, we are failing to recognize how simple it is to take care of our body with the elements from nature.

Ayurveda works on this principle. The reputed Ayurvedic doctor, Mr. Nitesh Khonde from Parijatak, a well-known Ayurveda wellness center in Nagpur, comments, “The nature has provided us with so many herbs and elements that we have answers to all our problems here. Taking the right proportion of the herbs and medicinal oils usage, can help in preventing and curing many ailments.”

You must have noticed that allopathic medicines and treatments tend to relieve your problem immediately, while this is not the case of Ayurveda. It is not a painkiller that goes into your body and numbs your senses, but it works slowly and permanently on your body and treats it enough to avoid it from catching the disease again. This highlights the fact how important it is to find out the root cause of the problem in order to prevent it and cure it permanently.

This is how exactly how we at Ayurvedic Wellness center Treatment in Nagpur work towards curing specific health disorders and assuring complete health and well-being states a skilled therapist of Parijatak. The main aim of our approach and course of treatment is to first prevent all diseases and if it occurs then find a slow yet powerful cure for the same. This happens with holistic care, where the entire body is taken care of with all round solutions where Ayurvedic retreat ends up as a mind, body and soul rejoice for each person who experiences it.

Ayurvedic wellness centers are adept at working on this. They give attention to all parts of our body and assure that we combine good exercising, yoga, diet and Ayurvedic herbal elements for our complete care. They improve immunity and boost metabolism. From medicinal oils to taking care by Ayurvedic medicines, there is plenty in store for you.

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Submitted by:Nitesh Khonde
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