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Tips on how to Recruit Good Teachers for Schools

Added: (Wed Sep 25 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Hiring staff is a critical part of school administrators’ jobs, but when you have a position open at your school, the recruiting process can feel intimidating. How do you find candidates with the skills you are looking for? How do you make sure that they’re the right culture fit for your building?

Here are simple tips on how to recruit good teachers for schools -

1. Ask Questions by putting them into different situations and observe their actions in the form of answers-
Situational questions give the teacher a scenario and have them talk about how they would react to the given information. This is important to do because it shows a pattern of thinking, instead of just a factual response. It is important to see how teachers think, and especially how they make decisions. These types of questions are a little harder to “score” as there aren't right or wrong answers for them.

2. Observe and understand a candidate's passion-
It’s always fun to see a person get excited about something they are talking about. It can be found in the words but is most apparent in the body language of the person. Take notice of what the person is most excited about in the interview. Was it a topic about curriculum? Working with a student? Having a success? This can give a good insight into the core values a person has.

3. Partner with local colleges or universities to hire recent graduates-
Most colleges have a career center that is always looking for open positions to post and networking opportunities to offer their students. Many of these career centers also host career fairs you can attend to connect in person with new graduates who may be a fit for your organization. This is a great way to connect further with your community, tap into local talent, and build your reputation with college students, recent graduates, and the post-secondary institution itself.

4. Ask different questions in each interview-
Some of these are very standard teacher interview questions, such as “Who is the most important person in the classroom?” If they don’t say the student, stop the interview right there. Everyone gives the same answer, which means that there is no distinction between the candidates. The whole point of the interview is to see who would be the best fit—if all of the answers are the same, then there is no way to differentiate between the responses.

5. Look beyond the classroom-
You should definitely look at the big picture when hiring a new teacher, particularly at what candidates can do at the school level. Can they run a club, serve as an adviser or coach a sport?

A highly motivated and energetic teacher, full of good cheer and caring, can be an incredible asset to a community. Also pay attention to how they will interact with parents. They need to win the confidence and trust of the parent community.

An effective recruitment strategy with an excellent recruitment partner will be essential for schools to succeed. Following these steps will make all the difference in winning the war for top talent in the upcoming years.

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