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The Reasons for Storaging Puerh

Added: (Mon Sep 09 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Chinese people have been drinking hand picking green puer (Pu erh) tea for about 2000 years. For a long time it was a drink of the emperors.
Now, a great deal of people around the world start drinking natural green puer tea for its smooth, mellow, earthy taste, and because people believe it has many healthy benefits. In China, green puer is known as "raw puer" of "Puer sencha." It is different from green tea because it is not baked when processed.

Why do you want to storage tea? There are many reasons. From the point of view of our drinking, it is very intuitive that some tea prices are gradually drifting away, and teas with time have their own special taste. Also in the current old tea market, many tea merchants make a lot of old tea, and their storage is more intuitive and safe.
From our perspective, saving tea does not encourage mass storage. It is suitable for proper storage.
1. For a better taste.
Believe that Pu-erh tea will indeed get better and better. The new tea taste of Pu-erh tea, after the green taste is removed. The whole taste will be three-dimensional.
2. The advantages will be more prominent.
The true charm of Pu-erh tea lies in its ability to ferment and transform. As time goes on, Pu-erh tea will fade away from the original green barley, and the soup color will turn into wine red, and the taste will be mellow and soft.
The premise is not to hope that those cheaper will be better. Garbage is always rubbish. It is better not to waste valuable time.
Cooked tea has been stored and not even stored, and there are also obvious differences.
3. In order to learn reference
Tea will change over time, aroma, thick, sweet, bitter, and awkward.
The transformation of each tea area is also the content of learning.
4. Anti-increment
Anti-inflation and appreciation are two in our eyes.
Some mountains tea will rise every year. If you have the opportunity to meet the price and quality of the hill, it is definitely worth storing. Like some hills that can be bought or afforded in the past. The latter will not necessarily be affordable.
Good mountain materials are still too few.
Some teas, tea sellers do not want to sell more than half from this perspective.
5. Time is also value
The year is not renewable, there is time and no time, it is a reference to very different teas.
Perhaps this is another way of saying that the more aged the more fragrant.
6. Prevent the merchants hiking old tea
Although not wanting. But this is the truth. The market is full of old tea, tea merchants open decades of old tea. High-end low-end old tea still exists in large numbers.
7. Donít think about pricing, itís not easy to realize into cash
More reasons for tea merchants in the past few years have been to appreciate. For example, in the past few years, there are many tea friends who have saved some brands and look forward to rising prices. It may have an effect at the beginning. I can't find it later. Old tea sometimes has no high price of old tea. It can be said that this is the value upside down. In the past two years, it seems that old tea has been reduced in quantity.

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