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Dr. Paul Madison Brings in another Obesity Control Solution in the form of Bacteriomodulation Pill

Added: (Sat Jun 29 2019)

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Midtown, NY (June 2019) Ė Following the research results published by Washington University, Yale University and the academic journal called Nature on Fat bacteria, Dr. Paul has managed to discover a proprietary recipe to fight obesity. The latest from developed at Dr. Paul Madisonís modern medical lab that mainly focuses on Lipolysis Research, is one of the biggest discoveries of the year. The Bacteriomodulation Pill basically contains Thin bacteria which fights with Fat bacteria residing in human intestine causing obesity. Fat bacteria or Fermicutes produces acetic acid in the intestine which stimulates the secretion of Insulin in the body. Human body already uses the naturally produced glucose for energy and the extra glucose produced with more Insulin in the body accumulates as fat and causes weight gain. Dr. Paul prescribes Thin germs with metabolites for better and faster results. Thin germs supresses the action of Fat bacteria. Dr. Paulís medical lab has so far researched on 100 metabolites and found 21 out of them directly related to the personal BMI.

Dr. Paul mentions that after multiple tests and demonstrations, the product is finally ready to hit the market as an efficient alternative to surgery, painful treatments and injection diet to combat obesity. A large population of the United States is suffering from obesity which leads to various health issues like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. One of the research conducted Nature, suggested the presence of 100 trillion obesity-causing germs in the intestine weighing about 1.5 Kg. Dr. Paul came up with a proprietary recipe with wisely and carefully chosen ingredients to supress the obesity-causing germs, Fermicutes. After the toxicology test, the product introduced by Dr. Paul went for a clinical trial where 36.33% elimination of obesity germs were seen in merely 12 weeks after talking the pills and 68.79% decrement in obesity germs after 6 months of taking the pills. The innovative and proprietary recipe by Dr. Paul for natural weight loss is all set to help the mankind.

About Dr. Paul Madison
Dr. Paul Madison has contributed a lot in the field of Lipolysis Study and Research. He has a medical lab in the US that conducts research on Lipolysis and develops various patented solutions to control obesity. Some of their widely appreciated achievements as the available products in the market are Frozen Lipolysis Vest, Cryolipostatic Equipment, Fat Resolvent and Lipolysis Booster.

To know more about Dr. Paulís latest invention and research, visit Ė http://www.drpaulmedicine.com

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