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Pressbox (Press Release) - It is very stressful when you end up breaking your phone, isnít it? You just want to fix it anyhow and this makes you search the internet to find the nearest cellphone repair shops. He tons of links you get with your search on the internet leaves you confused. Well, you are just not finding the way out on how to pick the reliable repair center near you.

The article will help you decide based on some important factors as to which cell phone repair center you need to choose so that you do not regret your decision later.

Types Of Parts Utilized

When it comes to Cell phone repair parts, there are 3 major part types

Overhaul Screens

Overhaul or refurbished screens can be one of the convenient options if you have a tight budget and also need quality. But, sometimes it can turn out to be expensive than original parts too.

Original Screens

These are the same screens you find insider your iPhone which means just like the original screen you got with the new iPhone.

You can consider this option as it is the most trusted option and the OEM replacement screen will help you enjoy using your phone just like a new phone.

Aftermarket Screens

Aftermarket screens are affordable, common and the parts are easily available in the market for most devices. As aftermarket parts can be easily remodeled into different types of parts you will find both high quality and low-quality ones so you need to be careful.

Is The Price Appropriate

The question is with so many mobile phone spare parts wholesale suppliers available it is difficult to know if the price offered for mobile parts is appropriate or not. Now the question is how to find out if the price quoted is right?

The best way is to check with every shop and ask them the type of parts used by them. Find out which shop charges less for mobile parts for replacement than others.

In general, most shops using the same type of screen will offer roughly the same price due to the cost of parts.

In case a wholesale iPhone screen supplier says that they use original parts and still charge less for the mobile parts repair then donít fall in prey and be alert.

Warranty- Important Aspect To Check Out For

A warranty from the company certainly is a sign of trust and ensures that they use original parts and are efficient enough to handle repairs successfully.

Itís important to remember that warranties are not insurance!

Apart from just the cost of mobile parts and labor costs the next thing that you need to keep in mind is to check how the repair center deals with the damage that occurs accidentally during the repair by technicians.

Make sure that the company has some kind of policy that covers such accidental damage during repair.

The next thing you need to consider if there is a damage caused during the course of service, a reliable smartphone repair company would replace the device.

Size And Time In Business

When it comes to small shops or newly opened repair shops they may not have the required experience.

On the other hand, a technician who is not much experienced can mistakes while performing the repair/service which directly would result in no warranty or poor quality service.

Now when you approach large or medium cell phone repair companies for your mobile parts for repair then they will deliver quality service as they will be trained to work efficiently in smartphone repair.


The efficiency of a cell phone repair center can be judged by its efficiency which ensures the type of repairs they can handle and the models they can work with. Their efficiency can be categorized as

Basic And Advanced Repairs


Basic repairs mainly comprise of opening the device completely and then replace the components like charging port, display of the phone or battery, etc. Most of the mobile phone repairs are covered under basic repairs


Advanced repairs include opening up the phone and replacing high-level components like



IC chips etc

Certainly, a mobile repair center that is efficient enough to carry the basic repairs can carry out basic repairs.

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