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Digital Magazine Software for Macs!

Added: (Tue Sep 15 2009)

Pressbox (Press Release) - 3D Issue officially announced the release of the much-anticipated 3D Issue Professional for Mac OS X, the first interactive page flip standalone software for Mac OS X. Since 3D Issue released the LITE version of their software for Macs in June 2009, they have been working around the clock to complete the Professional version.
Their director Paul McNulty was in a quite obvious jubilant mood as he talked about the big release; “It has always been our intention to have our software available for Mac users. All of us had come from windows platform programming background so it we had to start from scratch and learn on the job.
“The Mac OS X marks a turning point in our software design. The front end interface that we developed for the Mac version is completely different to the PC version. While the Mac version contains all the features of the PC version, the new design allows publishers to complete their digital editions in a faster and more user-friendly manner.
“We are delighted with the results, especially with the conversion process. It’s actually faster than our PC version and the quality of the rasterized images are much sharper.”

This release makes 3D Issue the first company to release an interactive digital magazine software solution for the Mac. Their PC version has been available for about 3 years and their clients cover a wide spectrum of industries from print publishers to manufacturing with some of the biggest global giants using their software. Clients include Google, McGraw Hill, CBS, Macy’s NYC, BP and Sky broadcasting to name a few.
With the release of the Mac version, 3D Issue are looking to make greater in-roads to the print publishing industry. “As over 80% of the publishing industry use Macs for their design work & print production, releasing Mac compatible versions of our software has always been a top priority for us. To date print publishers have made up only a small percentage of our clients. While most have a digital presence, they are all using digital magazine service providers where they are paying a company each time they want to convert one of their publications into a digital edition. Paul believes the 3D Issue Pro for Mac OS X will have a high impact on this market.
“For the last couple of months we have allowed publishers to pre-register for the Mac version of our 3D Issue Professional Software. The vast majority of these early adapters are print publishers. It makes sense in these tough economic times. Companies are looking to cut costs and most of the service providers charge more to convert a single issue than it costs to purchase our software.
It is in this market that we believe 3D Issue will have the highest impact. As the vast majority of these clients are Mac users. “
The Professional Mac version offers you a very dynamic and cost effective way of publishing your own digital editions online, all done in a matter of seconds!! 3D Issue Professional is able to cater for all your digitizing needs; with a few simple clicks you can have your ready to print PDFs converted and posted online as a searchable interactive digital publication. 3D Issue set themselves apart from the majority of their competitors by selling a software rather than a service. What this means for you is no on-going costs…no maintenance fees, no hosting fees, quite simply no recurring costs.
Now with the Professional version of their software available for Mac users you can add videos, audios, hyperlinks, flash, email links, contents menus to name only a few of their functionalities.
Perhaps one of the most advantageous features of digital editions has to be the ability to watch how your readers interact with your digital publications. This is not something you could do with your physical print. Understanding its importance, one of the greatest challenges for publishers has been the ability to configure and maintain a database on their website to communicate with their digital editions and also to store all actions. However with 3D Issue you can record each click from your readers and have the details delivered directly to you in a market validated report, requiring no maintenance, no training and, best of all, it’s completely free of charge.
In November 2008, Google announced a new feature in Google Analytics (GA) that allows you to (for the first time) record actions from within flash applications. The 3D Issue team has configured their page turning application to be able to communicate with your GA account. All you have to do is enter your GA user ID one time and 3D Issue will take care of the rest. Not only will it report vital marketing information such as the most popular pages, keyword searches, contents, websites visited etc.. You also receive all the other standard stats from GA such as user demographics, browser capacity, time spent on the site and points of origin. Undoubtedly this is a truly spectacular advantage of any digital publication.
The publishing market is flooded with Macintosh systems therefore it is a great relief that there is now a standalone software, that gives you 100% ownership of your digital publication process. What 3D Issue does is give you options… you get to decide what your end readers can and cannot do with your digital publication. With simple clicks of the mouse, you can select how your readers interact with your digital editions. Because after all nobody knows your readers better than you. From start to finish 3D Issue’s software puts you in charge, and now it doesn’t matter whether you have a PC or Mac.
The software is effortless. No programming is required. You simply choose the features you want to include and click convert. There is minimal effort and time consumption, making it a very efficient, intuitive and cost-effective software solution for your company. 3D Issue software is sold as a company license. This means that as long as your company owns the publications you can use it to create digital editions of all past, present and future editions of any publication your company owns.

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