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Linsheng Interpretation - Working Performance Of Car Air Pump

Added: (Mon Jun 17 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Car air pump is already a necessary tool for car owners. Many people don't have a special understanding of car air pump. What is the working principle of car air pump? Next, Linsheng will introduce you.

The car air pump will cause the pressure of the pressure maintaining circuit to drop for any reason, and the booster pump will automatically start to supplement the leakage pressure and keep the circuit pressure constant. Operational safety: It is driven by gas, without arc and spark, and is completely used in places with flammable or explosive liquid or gas. Simple maintenance: Compared with other gas-driven pumps, the booster pump can do the same work, but its parts and seals are few, the maintenance is simple and cost-effective: the booster pump is a plunger pump, and the booster pump works quickly when working. As the output pressure increases, the pump reciprocates to a stop until the pump pressure is constant, the energy consumption is lowest, and the components stop moving.

Micropumps for aeration are divided into two categories: gas sampling pumps and micro vacuum pumps. Although they are often simply referred to as micro vacuum pumps indiscriminately, there are differences from a technical point of view, and special attention should be paid to the selection.

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