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Making Ayurvedic Treatment of Cancer Feasible for Everyone

Added: (Fri Jun 07 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Despite advances in medical science, cancer continuous to be a grave disease with low survival rate. Once someone is diagnosed with cancer, they are immediately concerned about the survival rate for the type of cancer. While there is no certainty in the effectiveness of treatment in conventional medicine, ayurvedic treatment for cancer is gaining more and more ground worldwide.

Finding the Cure in Ayurveda

Parijatak is among the best cancer hospital facilities and addresses different types of cancers through an alternative approach. It relies on a field of science that has its roots going back to thousands of years.

When asked about the approach followed in cancer treatment, the hospital’s representative explained, “Cancer, like any other health problem, finds its origin in imbalance in the different kinds of dosha in the body and life the person. Our treatment approach focuses on setting the correct balance between all the three different doshas.”

How Does Ayurveda Help?

The best cancer treatment in Ayurveda focuses on increasing the patient’s energy levels and feeling of wellbeing. Another important stage in the treatment process is to decrease stress. At the same time, the specialist will also initiate treatment for curing the disease.

Mainstream chemotherapy treatment has been known to cause dramatic weakness in patients. Traditionally, it has been found that when cancer patients used touch therapies like aromatherapy and massage, it has helped them cope better with the disease and the treatment process. The roots of these touch therapies have been associated with Ayurveda.

The reputed Ayurvedic doctor at the center, elaborated on how ayurvedic treatment for cancer works, “In Ayurveda, the practitioner will focus on maintaining and restoring the patient’s health. Other mainstream treatment options don't address this important factor for the survival of the patient and the effectiveness of the treatment.”

He further added, “We take into account the patient’s medical history and conduct an assessment of all the doshas. Treatment options can also include cleansing for removal of toxins from the body, relation, yoga, diets, and herbal treatments.” Today, Parijatak is believed to provide the best cancer treatment in Ayurveda.

What to Do Before Beginning Treatment?

It is suggested by the Ayurvedic hospital’s representative to consult the primary care doctor before seeking ayurvedic treatment for cancer. It is also recommended to find a practitioner who makes the patient feel more comfortable and safe. At times, building good relationship with the practitioner can go a long way in maintaining the health of the patient.
Conventional, mainstream cancer treatment uses survival rate as a common factor for the success of the treatment process. Those survival rates actually don't indicate if the cancer survivors are continuing with their treatment at 5 years or whether they have become completely cancer-free. Most cancer survival-rates are actually 5-year survival rates. And it is the patients and their family who are eventually able to realize whether the treatment has been successful or not. This is where more and more people are looking for alternative options like ayurvedic treatment for cancer.

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