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LED Craft Light : LED Ceiling Lamp Development Status

Added: (Wed Jun 05 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - With the proliferation of LED lighting products, LED ceiling lights have been popular in channels since last year, especially the high-power patch light source. For manufacturers, a new market has come. It's hard to find a home lighting brand that doesn't do LED ceiling lighting.

However, with the popularity of LED ceiling lighting, the number of participants involved in the field of LED ceiling lighting, coupled with the gradual maturity of high-power patch light source technology, fierce market competition LED to the decline in price and profit. At present, 12WLED ceiling lamps with a wholesale price of more than 30 yuan have been circulating in the market, and the profit is not necessarily higher than that of traditional light source ceiling lamps. However, household lighting enterprises have to do so under the demand of the market and dealers. With the stability of LED quality and price, it has been more and more accepted by consumers. Many customers have reported to them that the first sentence of many consumers who buy lights in stores is "do you have LED products?" If they get a positive answer, they will walk in the door. Otherwise, turn around and walk away.

Thus, LED ceiling lights are indeed very popular. However, in terms of sales volume, the traditional light source ceiling light is the mainstream, and more like the king, LED ceiling light to catch up with or even surpass the traditional ceiling light has several years of replacement.

Survey data from industry institutions show that the home lighting market will be fully launched in 2014-2015. The penetration rate of LED lamps in the household market will reach 13.57%. LED home lighting market will see explosive growth. It is estimated that LED lighting will be used in more than 800 million homes by 2015.

The soaring sales of LED ceiling lamps and the potential huge market indicate that LED home lighting market is about to welcome its own spring.

However, home lighting is also a cost-effective, personalized design, product safety requirements of the market, the current LED ceiling lamp technology is mature, how to promote the existing problems and difficulties in the market, how to use this single product to expand the scale of enterprises?

Fu zhaohui, the person in charge of ceiling lighting, said, "because ceiling lighting is mainly used in home lighting, the quality of products is very important, especially the strobe problem, op is also put a lot of energy to solve the strobe constraints before the product really to the market. Many LED lamps now have a strobe problem when they are illuminated by a mobile phone."

With the increasing maturity of ceiling lamp market technology, the cost performance is also improving. "Although the cost performance of LED ceiling lamps is quite high, the home lighting market is a place with relatively high personalized requirements, which is reflected in the large amount of the market, but also involves many product specifications, and the amount of individual products is not very large, so it is difficult to form a large-scale production."

This also explains why many enterprises have not entered the LED home lighting market at present. How can they really win the first place in the ceiling lighting market?

LED Craft Light said: with more and more enterprises in the LED ceiling lamp product layout investment, LED ceiling lamp solution will continue to optimize, style will continue to innovate, excellent intelligent control performance, the future occupation of a larger market share is within reach.


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