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Bixmove is going to Introduce India's first customized packing & shifting package (trial basis)

Added: (Tue Jun 04 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - BixMove is the highly trusted and reputed shifting company. The team of BixMove is operating to help the shifting people with their quality and cheapest service. BixMove is termed as the pioneer shifting company in Chennai. Their initiation to assist the shifting people make their customers feel delightful even at the time of shifting to a various location.

Many people are in the search for the best assistance in their hard time. One of the hard times, which makes people seek assistance is at the time of relocation. Either it may be the home relocation, or simply the vehicle shifting. The reason is to make shifting without causing damages. The damage at the time of relocation is common when one starts looking for self-shifting process. These are the points, which make BixMove Packers and Movers to think about initiating this business in Chennai and Bangalore. Now, the company is experiencing many new orders from the people. This lets the team invest more money and make some new options for their customers. Now, the team gets planned for introducing customized packing and shifting on a trial basis. As the team is trying to introduce it on a trial basis, BixMove is not able to gain more profit out of it. It is quite hard to predict the success behind their new try. So, they planned to invest little.

The single word “Customized” delivers lots of information about this new plan. Before learning about various benefits of availing this customized shifting option, it is better to look for the downsides of the normal shifting services. Though it is common to find house shifting and vehicle shifting services separately, yet it is hard to find the relocation service for a particular item. For instance, the family is trying to relocate some delicate item from one location to another as the gift. Think it is quite big and it is quite hard to make the parcel.

Availing the shifting service can make it simple and smooth. But, the unavailability of customized services in the shifting company makes people think for the next option. Another regular occurrence is short shifting relocation. It is quite common that the shifting quotation is based on the number of items and the distance to cover, but availing the short distance relocation is rare. Because the shifting team wished to relocate every item on themselves to ensure safety. But, many family members wished to reduce the cost of shifting and tried to hand-over only the delicate items to the team. The introduction of customized packers and movers package can reduce the misunderstanding.

Here are some points that can help to understand more about the benefits of availing the customized packers and movers.

Shifting needs might vary based on the people. For instance, if the person is wished to get the low shifting cost and ready to compromise on the time of the delivery of their goods. Whereas, some people would not mind the cost and look for the timing delivery. Based on the delivery time of their goods, the cost of shifting can be altered. This way many people can get benefited.
If the shifting company is performing the relocation process, some wished to avail the rearrangement process. Whereas, some others would plan to make it on their own. Here, the rearrangement cost in shifting process can be modified based on the customer needs.

Here comes another common requirement by the shifting people, especially who avail the freight service. When shifting internationally, it is quite hard to be with the belongings throughout the shifting process. Some wished to appoint security for the escort service. This service would not be required for local shifting. BixMove team estimated that it can be the major requirement for those who look for the international shifting services.

Another common requirement of people is looking for a vehicle tracking system. Some will come along with their goods, but it is not common. Those who are not availing this option would often look for 24 hours vehicle tracking system. This can add a charge to the shifting package. Inquiring with the customers and framing budget based on this can even reduce more cost.

As many shifting companies are providing separate warehouse storage facilities, many wished to avail this service to protect their beloved things. But, often people get this service at a minimum of a 1-year contract. Some wished to get this service for short-span of time. Hence, offering the customized storage facility can even help the customers, who wished to avail this service for a short time.

If the customer is a pet lover, they often wished to take care of their pet while relocation. Hence, some customers wished to have the shifting service with the best pet care. It is quite an uncommon request from the shifting people. Providing this kind of service for every shifting people is not required.

Hence, it was estimated that the introduction of this customized packers and movers service to the customer can help both the shifting company and its customers. The shifting company can be benefited by reducing their job, and the customers can be benefited by reducing their shifting cost. The BixMove company is trying to help their customers by using their genius options. It is quite uncommon among shifting company, but it can bring a great impact on people.

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