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Buy ID Introduces Scannable Fake IDs with Hologram

Added: (Sat May 25 2019)

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(May 2019) Buy ID unleashes a selection of fake ids with both side holograms and scan codes. The company is offering free online shipping worldwide for all ID purchases. Speaking of the easy process for creating a fake ID, the company says that the customers can select high print quality and beautiful designs of their choice and edit the content in a customized way providing photo and sign. Buy ID supports different modes of payments for fake IDs like bitcoin and anonymous online payment. The reliable and highly recommended fake id maker company assures high quality prints, fast processing and quick delivery to any location in the world. Talking about the confidentiality, the company mentions that from the creation of the IDs to payment and shipping, everything is anonymous. They never sell or release the personal details of a customer publicly. Be it the hosting of their website or the production of fake IDs, everything is done offshore and hence there are no chances of US law enforcement jurisdiction. The process of creating fake California id, Florida id or Ids for any other part of US is taken care of by highly professional staff who have several years of experience in fake id production. All of the staffs working with the company are reliable and hardworking. The company makes sure a customer receives fine quality and genuine-looking without any delay.

Talking about the security features in the fake ids, the company says that their IDs have all the essential features that real IDs possess to help pass any test. The essential features in the fake ids include UV and perfs, Tri-color real OVI, raised text, microtext and microprinting, holograms etc. Customers can enjoy a great time in bars using these IDs that pass UV test if they have the UV feature and when someone touches the ID for feel or bends it or check the anti-counterfeiting label, these IDs simply pass the tests. Even many customers have successfully enjoying underage drinking using these IDs. These IDs are created so carefully and professionally that these can pass the scans even in big cities like New York, Washington and Manhattan. The Ids have all the necessary details recorded on them and the PDF417 coding rules the company uses to create the IDs help them pass any sort of scan or test easily. The company is also providing great rewards on referrals. If a customer recommends the service to a person and he/she purchases an ID for $25, the customer also gets $25 as a reward.

About Buy ID
Buy ID is a dependable and experienced fake id maker company offering high-quality fake IDs that have scan codes and holograms to help the customers pass any test or scan in any industry or location. The company offers fast and free delivery for all the purchased IDs worldwide.

To know more about Buy ID, visit https://www.buy-id.com/

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