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Unveiling How Insidious Food-Borne Mold Is Causing Chronic Diseases

Added: (Wed Nov 19 2008)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Nevada – The headlines are full of the imminent collapse of the health care and the economy. Almost 50 million people are uninsured with millions under-insured. Indeed, medical bills caused by skyrocketing rates of disease have become the leading cause of bankruptcies and foreclosures. Could an emerging epidemic of mycotoxicosis from food-borne mold (mycotoxins) explain why the average person is spending so much on health care?

Dr. Paul Yanick, the research director and founder of the American Academy of Quantum Medicine™, has released a bold and visionary e-book “Food: Nutrition or Poison?” that explains how corporate greed, media manipulation and general public denial are behind the catastrophic breakdown in the health of the nation. People are sick of being sick. They’re striving for answers regarding how and why they are sick.

In this e-book, Dr. Yanick puts forth an astonishing and profound argument that challenges our modern beliefs about disease: it is primarily mycotoxins (mold) and not genes and germs that cause disease. “Food borne-mold is a stealthy predator, undetectable by standard medical tests, that is the main player in the genesis of disease” he states and has been linked to heart disease, cancer, digestive and anxiety disorders, fibromyalgia, and record levels of childhood asthma, autism, diabetes, ADD and obesity.

The health care industry is the most profitable industries in the world and is getting richer putting pharmaceutical band-aids on vast array of symptoms generated by mycotoxicosis. Enormous amounts of money are made as long as people stay sick. If every person knew how to cleanse their body of the health-destroying mold in their food, the health care industry would lose billions of dollars and possibly even go bankrupt.

Food: Nutrition or Poison? provides valuable knowledge and insight about how to avoid and quickly get rid of stealth and deadly mycotoxins that are destroying the health of the nation. Other researchers seem to agree with Dr. Yanick’s findings. Michael R. Gray, MD of the Arizona State Division of Emergency Medical Services, says , “mycotoxicosis has clearly been demonstrated to have been the cause of several major human epidemics, usually involving ingestions of foods prepared with mold infested grains and cereals, or from the consumption of livestock which had been fed mold infested feed." According to Gray, mold attacks several main body systems, acting like a double-edged sword to the immune system, which becomes excessively activated in response to invading spores, while mycotoxins cause immune suppression, making the body vulnerable to infection. Mold spores lodge deep in the lungs, resulting in airway obstruction and infection, Gray says, while mycotoxins attack the brain, causing memory loss, seizures, movement disorders and other cognitive deficits.

A world authority in mycotoxicosis research A.V. Constantini, MD from the University of California, School of Medicine, San Francisco, states "The dietary connection to environmental health is increasingly being made clear in that the causation of the major diseases related to diet are not due to the food but rather to the fungi and mycotoxins present in the food chain. Dr. N.K.S. Gowda of the National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology in India and Dr. D.R. Ledoux of the University of Minnesota have published studies to show that certain nutrients can ameliorate the toxic effects of mycotoxins.

The 150 page “Food: Nutrition or Poison?” explains how the wrong myths about foods, health care and nutritional products are leading cause of death and disease and how over 90-95% of the cells in our body, called commensal-probiotic cells are destroyed by hidden mycotoxins and doctor-prescribed antibiotic or natural anti-infective herbs. The e-book also tells the story of how Dr. Paul Yanick personally succeeded against two near fatal illnesses involving mycotoxicosis.

“Food: Nutrition or Poison?”, priced at $79, is currently being offered at a huge discounted price of $29 only!

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