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Why I am Not Able to Get Connected to Internet on My Windows PC?

Added: (Mon Jun 12 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Network issues on Windows PC are undoubtedly irritating as you are either not able to get connected to the internet or get disconnected every so often. It may appear out to be insignificant at the outset, but you must not endure the problem for a longer. There are some adverse technical consequences that may take place at any moment in time.

If you browse some relevant websites to know more about the issue and its possible resolution, you will come through some interesting experiences shared by the users on the community pages. Similarly, I do have an experience of network problem that I confronted in very early days when I had started using Windows PC. I had no clue why the issue was creating unnecessary hurdles especially when I was trying to connect my Windows PC to the internet. I implemented some basic things as per my know-how, but I couldn’t find out the reason. I did also get through the online resources at https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/15287/windows-why-can-not-get-connected

In the end, I happened to know about Microsoft Windows technician that are easily accessible on Windows support website www.windowshelp.support to help customers get rid of Windows problems immediately. What surprised me with the issue were the mysterious reasons which I would not be able to find out without any expert. Network icon was not showing disconnected sign, however website pages were not loading or opening on my Windows PC.

In such conditions, any user can get confused and irritated. After hours of troubleshooting process on my Windows PC, I was able to get rid of it successfully. I didn’t delay in dialing contact phone number for windows in order to get to access my Windows technician after checking out all the basic things.

Here are some tips that my technician used to repair the network issue on my Windows computer:

• Network troubleshooter
• Checking out the basic aspects on my Windows PC
• Checking the modem and router, and then resetting them accordingly
• Diagnosing ISP and IP address to check if there is any improper setup
• Checking the network adapter
• Using networking commands after using the Network troubleshooter

Actually these procedures are recommended by the experts for troubleshooting network problems or any others related to it. There may be some advanced procedures as well, but you would not require for the advanced process if any of the above tips work out - however, don’t forget to contact your technician any longer as the advanced procedures may have some challenges to implement.

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Submitted by:Denny Rich
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