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Can SIP Trunk Calling Resolve Your Business Dilemmas?

Added: (Mon Feb 20 2023)

Pressbox (Press Release) - So you saw the discussion on Telstra business SIP support services and how more and more people are talking about it. In case, you are new to it understand that SIP trunking is gaining so much traction for its ability to control phone calls cost and spruce up the quality of business communication. Some people find it hard to understand this technology, hence this blog. Here is a simple breakdown of SIP trunking and its significance for businesses.

SIP trunks are virtual phone lines that permit users to receive and make calls through the internet without a phone number. The full form of this term is - Session Initiation Protocol - which means it is a calling protocol that starts a call over the internet. It is basically used for managing multimedia communications like video and voice calls. SIP sets up and ends phone call connections, manages and optimizes data transfer, and integrates popular social media calling services like Facebook Messenger and Skype to enable free-of-cost calling all over the world. Why is it called trunking? Simple because trunk is the term used for a link or a line that conveys and connects signals from one point to another in a communication system.

How Many Calls Can SIP Trunking Manage At A Time?
The call management capacity of a SIP trunking service heavily relies on the internet bandwidth available at a point in time. It is measured on the basis of the upload speed which is slightly less than the download speed. Every noncompressed call takes in approx. 85-100 kilobytes per second of bandwidth which means you can easily understand your limitations if you are aware of your upload speed. If your upload speed is approx. 5 Mbps you can assume that your system will be able to manage 50 simultaneous calls without any issues. If you wish to take this capacity to the unlimited level, you can always opt for the on-premises PBX.

SIp Channels
Every SIP trunk is capable of holding an unlimited number of channels. The link or the channel is equivalent to the outgoing or incoming call. Experts suggest that while looking for a SIP trunking service provider the business must have a fair estimate of the number of channels they will need as several vendors will use the information to offer precise data.

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