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Pressbox (Press Release) - Post hoc tests on the statistically significant interaction indicated that the majority of water intake occurred during the first 5 min and that the desensitizing effect of Ang II was most prominent during this period. The desensitizing effect of the Ang II treatment regimen approximated but did not reach statistical significance when a test dose of 10 ng Ang II was used (F1,8= 4.348, P= 0.071, n= 5 per group; data not shown). To determine the duration of the desensitizing effect of repeated Ang II administration, we replicated the above experiment but administered an additional test injection of 100 ng Ang II to all animals 24 h after the final test injection and measured water intake over the following 30 min. In replication of our earlier finding, animals that had received a treatment regimen comprising three injections of Ang II (300 ng) drank less water in response to the subsequent DAPT purchase test injection http://www.selleckchem.com/ of 100 ng Ang II (F1,14= 4.935, P= 0.043, n= 8 per group; Fig. 2A). After a second test injection of 100 ng Ang II given 24 h later, we did not observe any differences in water intake between animals that had previously received an Ang II or a vehicle treatment regimen (t= 1.210, P= 0.246; Fig. 2B). Food and water were available ad libitum for the 24 h between test injections. To confirm previous studies (e.g. Toney & Porter, 1993a,b) and determine the optimal dose of losartan for our experiments, we administered losartan (0.5, 1.0, 5.0 or 10 ��g) or saline 20 min before an injection of Ang II (100 ng) and measured the resultant water intake. As shown in Fig. 3, increasing losartan concentration was associated with less water intake after injection of Ang II (main effect of losartan, F4,15= 25.261, P <0.001, n= 4 per dose group). A statistically significant time �� dose interaction (F12,45= 5.179, P <0.001) and subsequent post hoc tests found significant effects of the 5 and 10 BML-190 ��g doses at both 5 (P <0.01; Fig. 3B) and 10 min (P <0.01); the times at which most of the water intake occurred in the saline-pretreated rats. Additional investigation also was important to determine the duration of the effect of losartan, because the goal of the studies was to minimize any effect of losartan on the test injection while maximizing the blockade of AT1 receptors during the treatment regimen. To this end, we performed a time course analysis using 10 ��g of losartan given 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 min before injection of 100 ng Ang II. We then compared water intake from rats exposed to losartan and Ang II with intake by rats given Ang II alone. As shown in Fig. 4, there was a significant main effect of losartan on water intake (F5,28= 10.681, P <0.001, n= 3�C6 per group). Post hoc tests indicated that this effect was markedly diminished or completely absent when losartan was given 60 min or more before Ang II. A statistically significant time �� group interaction (F15,84= 3.982, P <0.

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