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Battle of the Planets - A Space Odyssey

Added: (Fri Jan 12 2001)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Battle of the Planets – A Space Odyssey!

The Second cerebonically enhanced Instalment!

Ears on Chiefs! The second and third volumes of Battle of the Planets are set to be released on February 19th priced 12.99. Whether watched with a warm nostalgic glow or with the enthusiasm of the newly converted, one thing is clear, the next two volumes are set to further cement the success of the fabulous five. This release also kick starts Mollin Video’s 2001 release campaign for Battle of the Planets that will see the first DVD release in March!

Battle of the Planets was the groundbreaking 1970’s anime that introduced G-Force to the world. Mark, Jason, Princess, Tiny and Keyop, blessed as they were with cerebonic super powers, were Earth’s sole protection from the sinister ambitions of the evil Zoltar and the planet Spectra. Aided by the ever-vigilant 7-Zark-7 encamped in Centre Neptune under Earth’s seas, and with their ability to transmute and utilise the fiery Phoenix space ship, G-Force were the ultimate protective squad!

Volume 2: - Rescue of the Astronauts – Two astronauts returning from Mars with valuable information are kidnapped and held captive in Spectra’s giant whale submarine. G-Force and the fiery Phoenix face a dangerous mission to rescue the astronauts.
This volume also includes the following episodes: -
 Big Robot Gold Grab
 Ace from Outer Space
 Fearful Sea Anemone

Volume 3: - The Jupiter Moon Menace – Spectra joins forces with Commander Typhon, who plans to destroy Earth with a giant lobster missile on one of Jupiter’s moons.
G-Force must find a way to stop the lobster and its flaming meteorites before Earth is burnt to a crisp!
This volume also includes the following episodes: -
 A Swarm of Robot Ants
 Space Rocket Escort
 Beast with a Sweet Tooth

With it’s soaring theme tune, unforgettable voice casting and acting, the adventure and excitement generated by G-Force is unquenchable!

For more information on Battle of the Planets or for images to be sent via email or disk, please contact Jason Letteboer at Wambam, 7a D’Arblay Street, London, W1F 8DF.
Tel: 020 7434 3452 Fax: 020 7434 3518 or email JasonL@mollin.com

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