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UbiEst and Turkcell announce strategic partnership agreement for off-board GPS navigation

OCT 23, 2009 - UbiEst (www.ubiest.com) is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership agreement with Turkcell, the leading communications and technology company in Turkey, for the “off board” GPS Navigation solution in the Turkish market. Turkey was the 7th most visited holiday destination in th(Added: Fri Nov 27 2009)

A Plus Conferencing – Advanced Technology For Better Conferencing Services

A Plus Conferencing has witnessed the difficulties in communicating with offshore clients and employees. Hence, they have come up with modern technologies that will re-enhance the conferencing services throughout US (United States). The web conferencing tools designed by A Plus Conferencing enables (Added: Fri Nov 27 2009)

Nokia N97 Monthly Deals Will Impress All For Sure

Nokia N97 is in true sense a stupendous handset that integrates in it world-class features with great design and complete user-friendliness. All attractive features and elements are being quite fascinatingly designed in this handset for which one finds it to be quite a buyable thing and do not he(Added: Fri Nov 27 2009)

RADIOCOM chose TOPEX solutions for implementing a VOIP telephony system

TOPEX, the European telecom equipment manufacturer and NGN solution provider, announced that RADIOCOM, a major operator for radiocommunication services, deployed TOPEX solution to complete the implementation of an advanced VoIP telephony network. Being in front of a fundamental change, which star(Added: Fri Nov 27 2009)

Three Types of Phone Deals in UK

Mobile phones are the most sophisticated and convenient gadgets for meant for communication. Today a wide range of latest handsets are available that provide ease of communication in conjunction with hi-tech features. These phones also provide an array of entertainment features and compliment other (Added: Fri Nov 27 2009)

Windows takes on Android and Palm for the smartphone top spot

When it comes to smartphones, which is the best OS? Is it the open source Android? Is it the newcomer WebOS? Or is it the old stalwart Windows Mobile? Let's take a look.


At a huge 4.3 inches, the screen on the HTC HD2 truly is immense, and the high, 800x480 resolu(Added: Fri Nov 27 2009)

Symbian - still in the game, still producing ace phones

Despite some setbacks, Symbian is still want of the top mobile interfaces out there. Let's take a look at the best three Symbian phones out there.

Sony Ericsson Satio

On the face of it, the big reason for the excitement over the Sony Ericsson Satio is its 12 megapixel cam(Added: Fri Nov 27 2009)

Sytel Limited Appoints McGowan for Major North American Expansion

Mike McGowan Brings Over 20 Years of Call Center Sales Experience to Sytel. Aylesbury, UK - Sytel Limited today announced that Mike McGowan has been appointed as Vice President Sales - North America. McGowan has been tapped to heighten Sytel’s US profile as an established and trusted vendor of c(Added: Thu Nov 26 2009)

Samsung H1 Vodafone 360 Vs Samsung M1 360

The striking common feature of both Samsung H1 and M1 is Vodafone 360 services. This service encompasses integrated address books and 3D zooming for browsing. Prime common feature to either is Linux-based LiMo Platform Release R2.0.1 OS. Despite Samsung M1’s being the second set to have R2 platform,(Added: Thu Nov 26 2009)

Broadcast Radio FM Transmitter FM Amplifiers TV transmitters

EB Broadcast Radio and TV Broadcasting provides FM Transmitters, FM Amplifiers, TV Transmitters, exciters, radio links for Radio stations | ELETEC Broadcast(Added: Thu Nov 26 2009)

Interoute logra el Premio a la Mejor Compañía Mayorista por cuarto año consecutivo

El galardón de Capacity, que no tiene precedentes, reconoce la capacidad y alcance de la red europea de la operadora Interoute, compañía propietaria y operadora de la red de próxima generación más grande de Europa, ha obtenido el premio a la Mejor Compañía Mayorista Paneuropea en la convocatoria (Added: Thu Nov 26 2009)

Celebrate Thanksgiving 2009 with free calls to US landlines and mobiles from Localphone.

Thanksgiving is a time for families and friends, and to help keep in touch this year Localphone is rewarding all customers—new and old—with five days of completely free calls to the United States. Users can call from their existing landline or mobile with the company’s Direct Dial and Calling Car(Added: Thu Nov 26 2009)

Mobile Top Ups Made Easy with Top Ups Direct

Top Ups Direct makes it easy for all generations to purchase mobile top up vouchers through its simple to use and easy to understand interface. Top Ups Direct allows computer users to top up there mobile phone via the internet. Direct is one of the simplest top up sites to use as it carries out a(Added: Tue Nov 24 2009)

Latest mobile phones: Featured with high end technique and stimulating schemes.

24 November 2009, London, UK Communication is an integral part of human life and with the introduction of mobile phones it has given a new direction. Now a day no one can image a life without these handy gadgets. With unlimited features they are not only remain a mode of transcending messages. Vari(Added: Tue Nov 24 2009)

TELES latest wholesale solution gives operators the edge

TELES, the Berlin based Next Generation Networks and Access Gateway vendor, has announced the release of its latest solution the WTP (Wholesale Trading Platform), which provides operators with an application for managing wholesale business traffic on both a supplier and customer side. Ilan Elias,(Added: Mon Nov 23 2009)

Borri offer Efficient Power Continuity with the B9600

Borri a manufacturer of Power Solutions since 1932, have recently released a new model for the pinnacle of their commercial range. The B9600 is the largest in their commercial UPS series ranging from 400kVA to 800kVA, with UPS machines working in parallel for requirements above 800kVA. The B9600 giv(Added: Mon Nov 23 2009)

GL Releases Portable Platforms for VQT, IP, and VoIP Products

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - November 23, 2009 - GL Communications Inc. announced today the release of portable platform solutions for Voice Quality Testing (VQT), IP, and VoIP Products. In a statement released to the press Mr. Rob Bichefsky, Senior Manager, at the company said, “VQuad™ with the Du(Added: Mon Nov 23 2009)

NetDev launches new Conference Controller enterprise conferencing application for the iPhone

NetDev Ltd, a leading independent software vendor (ISV) for telecoms service providers, today announced availability of a revolutionary new widget for the iPhone that allows users to manage enterprise conferencing sessions from their iPhone. In the near future, the Conference Controller widget will (Added: Mon Nov 23 2009)

Get The Best Of Contract Mobiles

If you are planning to buy a mobile phone, Contractmobiletariff is the site which gives you all the information regarding latest contract mobile phone offers. Contract mobile phone deals enable you to keep talking and stay in touch with your people, all you have to do is to sign a c(Added: Mon Nov 23 2009)

Samsung I8000 Omnia On Contracts Is Worth Buying And Beneficial

Samsung has tried quite hard for winning the heart of the mobile phone buyers and that is why, it is leaving no stone unturned in equipping its handsets with the very best technologies. As a result of that one can today expect to get such a hi-tech and advanced handset like the Samsung I8000 Omni(Added: Mon Nov 23 2009)

Master Your iPhone Battery with Battery Plus

As iPhone users, most of us may have encountered such kind of disasters: need to make emergent call to deal with thorny problems, but the remaining battery in iPhone cannot afford this. As a result, we might lose a big deal or miss the right people in our life. Who should be blamed? The iPhone¡¯(Added: Mon Nov 23 2009)

Add wings to your imagination with fly mobiles

The world is changing at a fast rate and mobile phones have changed the facet of human life making life simple and easier. With this changing world everyone wants to own a technologically advanced handset to be connected with their kiths and kins. Fly mobiles serve the people with great features and(Added: Mon Nov 23 2009)

Enjoy Unlimited Calls with Globe Super Duo

Are you always concerned about skyrocketing bills whenever you call landline numbers from your mobile phone? Worry no more! Globe Super Duo is the answer to your concerns! Globe Super Duo is the widest unlimited mobile-to-landline call service in the Philippines. Super Duo gives you the power t(Added: Mon Nov 23 2009)

Surf All You Can with Globe Super Surf

If you’re the type who gets frazzled and anxious whenever you don’t get to check your email, log on to Facebook, and update your Plurk and Twitter accounts, then you’ll find the perfect antidote in Globe’s Super Surf Plans. Super Surf is the first and only unlimited mobile internet browsing servi(Added: Mon Nov 23 2009)

Sony Ericsson T715- The Great Slider From Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson has always known to be a manufacturer of high quality mobiles. The company has been concentrating on various important features in phones. Based on this they create various new series such as the walkman series, T series etc. this product. Sony Ericsson T715 from Sony Ericsson has the (Added: Sun Nov 22 2009)

Latest Nokia Phones - At a Glance

Nokia is considered to be the topmost mobile phones supplier, mostly because of its ever upcoming innovations in the field of telecom. We at askphone have made our best efforts to provide the entire collection of latest Nokia phones at our website. Nokia’s customer satisfaction poli(Added: Sat Nov 21 2009)


Nokia, being at the top of the telecom sector, has mesmerized millions by always providing the finest quality. Latest Nokia phones have given new dimensions to the definition of communication and entertainment. The company offers some of the most amazing mobile handsets with most up(Added: Sat Nov 21 2009)

Two Popular Sony Ericsson Walkman Phones

Sony Ericsson is a well known brand in the mobile phone and electronics industry. It has carved a niche for itself in the industry and holds a strong market presence all over the world. Sony has always been known for its audio products and taking this a step further, they have established themselves(Added: Sat Nov 21 2009)

The Acer beTouch E100 has sublime looks that makes it appealing

The Acer beTouch E100 is a new handset from Acer that was released in October 2009. Also known as the Acer C1 this handset offers a veritable menagerie of functionality and a style of its own. Measuring 113 mm x 56 mm and only 12 mm thick this handset is slim line, functional and a useful handset to(Added: Sat Nov 21 2009)

Classic styling and superb functionality describe the LG GW300 Blue

The LG GW300 Blue is a phone which comes with many features that appeal to the consumer. One of its most prominent features is the full QWERTY keyboard housed on the front panel under the main screen. The keyboard is elegant, functional and responsive. The handset itself offers excellent functionali(Added: Sat Nov 21 2009)
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