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Why to We need ERP Software Company?

Added: (Fri May 24 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a Business Management Software, By Which, You can manage all business departments and automate all works, Services and human resources within the Company. The aim of ERP is to get the right information to the right person at the right time.
There is a different type of departments within all organization such as accounting, finance, HR, Services, Inventory, CRM, SCM, Manufacturing, Sales, Purchasing, Marketing e.t.c.
It allows employees to do their work more efficiently, reduces risks and improves financial compliance. The main business operation automates customer service as it provides a source for billing and connection tracking. Global, provides real-time visualization that enables companies to improve.

ERP software solutions promote visibility in the entire organization, allowing decision-makers to improve business operations
ERP systems are designed around a general, deferred data structure that usually has a common database.

There are many factors that influence the successful implementation of an ERP system but there are few common factors for all organizations which are critical to the successful implementation of ERP systems and these are termed as critical success factors by most of the researchers worldwide.
Clear goals and objectives are essential to guide an ongoing organizational effort for ERP implementation as it usually exceeds the time 15 frame for a typical business project. It is important to set the goals of the project before even seeking top management support. The ―triple constraint‖ of project management specifies three often competing and interrelated goals that need to be met: scope, time, and cost goals. There must also be clear definitions of goals, expectations, and deliverables.
Automation is a major factor which would affect the implementation of the integrated logistics concept as it ensures asset visibility and transparency which leads to effective decision making

There are different types of ERP:-
a. Cloud ERP
b. Small business ERP
c. Industrial based ERP

In Cloud ERP, ERP System runs on Remote Server. So, the company can access data anytime from any place through the internet.

Small business ERP is used in a small Company and its cost is low.

Industrial business ERP is used in a large organization and Its cost is high.

Features of ERP Software:-

1. It makes the data quality and SCM better.
2. It works very quickly and saves time.
3. This leads to an increase in sales and a better relationship with the customer.
4. It saves from data duplication and inconsistency.
5. You can see all the functions of the department from the same place.
6. It increases business productivity and flexibility.
7. All works are done online and there is no need for any type of paper documents.
8. There is a guarantee of security because every user is not allowed to access all data.
9. You can add different modules to better suit your needs.
10. It reduced the complexity of application and technology portfolios.

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