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-- Recent Election-Related Traffic Demonstrates Users Desire for Consistent, Reliable Access to Dynamic Web Content --

SUDBURY, Mass. – November 29, 2000 – Late at night in the lab at MIT, Tom Pinckney and his fellow graduate students grew frustrated by how long it took to view a video clip on the Web. They sought a solution to the problem, and along the way, left MIT, secured close to 20 million dollars in venture capital and hired a host of industry luminaries to help them manage the Company: Vividon.

Tom and his partners founded Vividon with the intention of paving the way for the Video Internet. The idea behind the creation of the Company is to make an on-demand relationship between the Web users and rich media. The recent election coverage, the most trafficked event in the history of the Internet, demonstrated that users are interested in a one-to-one connection to what’s happening now. Web sites like CNN.com, which constantly updates its dynamic content, saw the number of unique visitors grow from four
million to nine million, an increase of roughly 400 percent during the first week of the
election frenzy. This proves that users are attracted by dynamic content, which includes both consistently updated information as well as rich media, the core of which is video.

The Internet has matured to become a true mass-media vehicle. With this, the delivery of streaming media has grown from a luxury to a necessity. Web users now demand more compelling sites with dynamic content delivered in a consistent and reliable fashion. Yet, streaming media today is still often plagued by inconsistencies in video and audio quality.
As streaming increases, delivery difficulties have become more apparent and less acceptable. The challenge is in creating a sound infrastructure that is also an economical solution. Vividon’s single-purpose Streaming Delivery Appliance is specifically designed to solve problems, such as congestion, inconsistencies and poor video quality, currently associated with delivery of video over the Internet. Vividon’s high-performance solution, which works in conjunction with existing delivery networks, is both cost and space efficient due to its ability to deliver thousands of simultaneous streams from a single appliance. Ultimately, as a result, Web users’ experience will be enhanced.

“As the election exemplified, the Video Internet is a medium unto itself. It is not merely television over a computer, but builds on the unique nature of the Internet to give users the dynamic content they want when they want it,” said Dave Ellenberger, CEO of Vividon. “By dramatically driving down the cost of delivery, Vividon will open up opportunities for providers throughout the industry.”

About Vividon
Vividon, Inc. is focused on solving the problem of delivering video over the Internet. As the Web is now seen as a mass-media vehicle, there is a growing gap between user demand for more compelling and dynamic content and the ability of the current Internet infrastructure to deliver on that demand. Vividon’s Streaming Delivery Appliance features unprecedented speed and quality of service coupled with a small footprint, which makes them ideal for closer deployment to the end user. By filling the gap, Vividon will be the catalyst for the Internet’s next evolutionary stage – the Video Internet. Vividon has received funding from Venrock Associates, Atlas Venture, Carlyle Venture Partners, an affiliate of the Carlyle Group and private investor, James Dow. Information about Vividon and its solution is available at www.vividon.com, by phone at 978-371-9550 or by email at info@vividon.com.


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