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GPS Navigation Devices: The useful electronic companions

Added: (Mon Feb 18 2008)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Global navigation satellite system is a standard term for satellite navigation system. GNSS provides accurate monitoring which is useful for civil navigation. Now-a-days, Global Positioning System (GPS) is the only system, which is a fully functional global navigation satellite system. The system utilises a constellation of at least 24 medium earth orbital satellites. These satellites transmit precise microwave signals to a GPS receiver. The system enables the receiver to determine its location, speed, direction and time.

Generally speaking, GPS System is a navigation system. Previously these systems were used only by defense personnel. Nowadays the system is also used by the civilians. One need not subscribe to any particular service provider to use these systems.

The GPS antenna is basically a signal amplifier. This amplifier converts one signal into another one. The antenna improves the quality of the received signals for transmission along a cable to a receiver for decoding. A coax cable is used to transfer signal information between the antenna and the receiver. These antennas can be of different shapes and sizes. There are two types of these antennas - the pole mounted and the patch type. The general pole-mounted antennas are shaped like a dome. The pole-mounting antennas are screwed on a threaded pole for mounting. The patch type antenna is a small flat bottomed device which is ideal for mounting on a windowsill.

To receive transmission from satellites, GPS antenna location is of high significance. The antennas receive transmission from as many satellites as possible, if they have a good clear view of the sky. A roof mounted antenna works best with a full 360-degree view of the sky. An antenna can also be fixed on the side of a building with a 180-degree view of the sky.

These receivers do a very significant job. They decipher the received signal. Nowadays numerous mobile phones are available with GPS technology included in them. Many mobile phones come with GPS tracking system in them. Mobile phone GPS uses a technology called assisted global positioning system (AGPS) to locate the position of the user.

These receivers have a lot of practical uses. GPS tracking devices help a lot to track people. These devices are very useful devices while vacationing in unknown places. Child tracking devices reduce the fear of losing a child in large crowds or while traveling. Also using GPS tracking device you can keep track of elderly members of your family. If they wander off alone, they can easily be located. Also, you can track and find family and friends in crowded places as well.

GPS enabled mobile devices are most beneficial in the case of an emergency. Mobile phone GPS tracking can save many lives. For instance, a lost mountaineer can be located easily with the aid of these devices. You can also pay for the technology that turns your mobile phone into a GPS tracking device

A wide range of mobile phone GPS devices are available these days. You can choose a basic mobile phone model with GPS for emergency tracking. Portable navigation devices are very popular these days. Some of the most useful navigation devices are TomTom GO 720, Mio C520 Navigation Receiver and HP iPaq rx5900 Travel Companion. All these receivers are great companions for the people who are on constant moves.

Many people are installing GPS navigation systems in their vehicles. It helps a lot in moving distant places. These navigation systems can help one in moving from one place to another with audible driving directions, colour maps and points of interest. You can locate your vehicle in a parking lot also. There are so many other advantages of these devices.

Various online shopping portals are offering latest GPS tracking systems and mobile phones with GPS tracker. Just have a look at them and get latest gadget from the comfort of your home.

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