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Effect of Temperature and Humidity on Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Packaging Materials

Added: (Wed May 29 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Abstract: Temperature and humidity are the important factors that affect packaging materials’ water vapor barrier performance. In this paper, we tested the Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Black& White Film for milk packaging under different temperature and humidity, in hope to provide reference for the study of effect of temperature and humidity on water vapor transmission rate of packaging materials
Keywords: temperature,humidity, Water Vapor Transmission Rate, water vapor barrier properties, Water Vapor Transmission Rate test system, cup method, gravimetric method,Dry Cup Method, Wet Cup Method

According to different uses, materials barrier properties of oxygen, water vapor, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air and other gases are testedand expressed by the transmittance of the corresponding gas.Temperature and humidity are two important test parameters in the test of barrier performance.The change of temperature and humidity will affect the internal structure of materials and the movement ability of gas molecules, especially for water vapor permeability test, humidity is the drive for water vapor permeation on both sides of the packaging materials.Therefore, different temperature and humidity conditions lead to different gas transmission rates in packaging materials.The study on how temperature and humidity affect material barrier performance can provide reference for packaging materials in different storage environments.

Test Standards
Cup method, infrared sensor method, electrolytic sensor method and humidity sensor method are widely used for testing film Water Vapor Transmission Rate. The test described in this article usedcup method which conforms to ASTM E96, Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials

Testing Instrument
The testing instrument is C360M Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System manufactured by Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd.

By using the testing instrument, the test process was highly automated, and the testing condition was accurately controlled, the test result is reliable. The result shows that, under the same temperature, the specimen in 90%RH has higher Water Vapor Transmission Rate; under same humidity, the specimen in 38℃ environment has higher Water Vapor Transmission Rate. Therefore it can be concluded that specimens’ water vapor barrier performance degrades under high temperature and high humidity.
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