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Do’s and Don'ts while naming your app

Added: (Thu Feb 01 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Some app names stick in our minds, many doesn’t. Is it really in the name of the app or the app itself? Well, that is hard to say, maybe both. You’d ask why a name of the app would matter so much. Take or leave it, it does matter, at least to some extent.

As one of the best app development companies in Bangalore, after having worked with biggest to the smallest businesses, we have gained some knowledge on things that one needs to look into before naming an app. It may sound bit trivial, but if you look into it – considering that amount you’ve spent on developing an app – it wouldn’t hurt observing a few guidelines in naming your app.

I suppose Do’s and Don'ts approach would be more fitting. So, let’s get started.


Keep it short. However, the definition of ‘short’ depends on the individual, a word or two would suffice usually. Short and snappy works just as fine. Let it be easy to utter and easy to remember.

URL matters. In most cases an app will have its own website. If URL matters to you just as your app, make sure the name you choose has URL availability.

Connection matters. It is not necessary to have a name that says everything your app does, but it’s no harm to keep the app’s mission, objective and offering in your mind while come up a with a name.

Opinion matters. It helps a lot when you rope in friends, family and other app users to share your app name and get feedback. There are chances that you may get better alternatives and get some zingy rhyming name, too.

Know where your app belongs. It easier to name a social or gaming app, where you have the liberty to let your imagination run free. However, you may not have the same flexibility while naming an enterprise or business app. When you are naming a business/enterprise app, let it incline a bit more towards the business it is concerned with.


Give no room to duplicity. Cross check your app name in the industry to see if others have same or similar name. Clashing names and similar sounding names could lead to copyright infringement problems, or worse be branded as phoney. Let that name be unique.

Avoid characters. Having special characters in the name can hurt you in two ways, while user have trouble pronouncing it, and more importantly, while doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Persistence matters. Considering the fact that there are millions of apps out there available to download, you might have a bit of trouble finding a unique name. Don’t give up. It’s just that you might have to try hard in coming out with one.

Get that approval first. Different countries/regions have their own trademark approval guidelines. It is imperative to check your region’s policies and regulations first. Don’t finalise your app name and announce it before getting proper trademark, patent or copyrights approval.

Final thoughts

It becomes much more easier in decision-making when you know the pros and cons, do’s and don’ts of naming applications. We hope these tips have offered you something to begin with – things that you thought you could do, or things you never thought that was important. The whole idea is to not sweat the small stuff. Take your time in digging in when you are uncertain. It never goes waste. Enjoy your app naming process!


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Submitted by:Girish Chander
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