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Data Translation Introduces High Powered, 24-Bit Resolution

Added: (Tue Nov 21 2000)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Data Translation Ltd [Nasdaq: DATX] today announced the release of DT9821 and DT9822, ultra-high resolution USB chromatography modules that can resolve from 60 parts per billion at 24 bits to 1 part in 65,536 at 16 bits.

These multifunction modules are targeted to a variety of industries such as environmental, pharmaceutical, life sciences, separation sciences, biotechnology, chemical, power generation, and electronics.

The modules offer variable input resolutions from 16-bit at 960 Hz to 24-bit at 7.5 Hz, giving users the versatility and power range to sample at higher speeds where less resolution is needed and lower speeds where greater accuracy is required. The DT9820 Series also has four (4) separate 24-bit A/D time-based independent input channels that can be started and stopped independently of each other, or even run at different sample rates. Such flexibility means that individual channels can be added or removed from the scan list while the ADC is running to support industry standard time base independence.

"The DT9821 and DT9822 modules are ideal for applications detecting very small differences in the presence of large signals. While chromatographic output is not considered particularly dynamic, it does require very high resolution to detect minute amounts of compounds whose peaks lie within the wings of predominate components. This is a challenging data acquisition and analysis task," said Tim Ludy, Data Translation’s Product Marketing Manager for Data Acquisition.

As a plug-and-play connection, the modules can be easily transported and used virtually anywhere, whether it be a chemical laboratory or a manufacturing floor. In fact, chromatography applications today are serving a wider audience, from environmental agencies responsible for establishing the quality standards of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 to scientists furthering HIV studies.

Other distinguishing features of the DT9820 Series include

* Noise-free 20 bit resolution at 120 samples per second
* Separate external start/stop control lines for each a/d converter
* Software selectable input range ideal for chromatography (-0.1 V to +2.5 V; ±2.5 V; 0 to +2.5 V)
* 16-bit analog output
* 16 digital TTL input/output signals (8 in, 8 out)
* Simultaneous subsystem support to read/write from all subsystems independently
* 500 V isolation to provide low-noise measurements, prevent ground loops, and protect a user’s computer
* Data Acquisition Omni CD™, free software bundle that gets users up and running quickly and allows them to create customised applications that best suit their needs. The software bundle includes Quick DataAcq™, a menu-driven, ready-to-run application; DataAcq SDK™, a software development kit; TestPoint ™, an object-oriented, drag-and-drop software demo and run-time application; Scope instrument menu-driven application; evaluation versions of VEE Pro 6.0 with MATLAB® Script and TestPoint; and 32-bit Windows® 98, 2000, and Millenium device drivers

Availability, Pricing, and Support
The DT9821 and DT9822 modules will be available on November 30, 2000.
Pricing is as follows:
DT9821- £ 1,695.00
DT9822- £1,795.00

Data Translation provides complete technical support for all its products. Support is also available 24x7 via Data Translation’s website at www.datx.co.uk

About Data Translation

Data Translation is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of high performance data acquisition and imaging products. For more than two decades, Data Translation’s products have provided engineers and scientists with accurate and timely data for measurement, analysis and process control in a wide range of industrial, scientific and medical applications. Data Translation’s principal products in this area are data acquisition and imaging hardware, which are used in personal computers ("PCs") to receive analogue signals, convert them to digital form and process the digital data. Data Translation’s strategy is to identify and capitalise on growth opportunities in the data acquisition, imaging and machine vision markets.

Note to editors: Data Translation and Data Acquisition Omni CD software are registered trademarks.

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