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Research Reveals Australia Is An Emerging Leader In Darknet Markets

Added: (Tue Jun 13 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - According to alphabay market video presented in the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association Conference this month, Australia is just second to the Netherlands in the number of darknet marketplace sellers per capita. There are a higher quantity of vendors from Australia on darknet markets as it pertains to global trade of drugs, particularly methamphetamine. These vendors account for more than a quarter of methamphetamine traded on on-line marketplaces.

AlphaBay Market URL state the hidden drug trade online resembles the normal drug trade. Based on Hansa Market presented in the seminar, cannabis was identified as the most used drug sold, representing a quarter of all recorded sales made by Australian sellers to the darknet marketplaces. Darknet Markets List 2017 can also be the most frequently sold prohibited substance in the traditional drugs trade as well. Men accounted for 82% of Australian darknet market users, and also the typical age of darknet marketplace user was found to be 22 years old, according to a team of researchers who presented in the conference.

The researcher's findings demonstrate that unlike most foreign sellers, Australian vendors are selling their products for basically the same prices that local Australian road sellers sell their products for. Only the methamphetamine prices of Australian darknet marketplace vendors were significantly cheaper compared to the prices of local Australian road dealers, about 45% more affordable. The researchers said that additional research will probably be needed seriously to ascertain why methamphetamine from Australian darknet vendors is so much cheaper than what Australian road merchants are selling it for. On the other hand, the researchers speculated that the basis for the decrease in the cost of methamphetamine on the darknet could be that Australian sellers find it both less risky, and not as expensive, to trade online than to trade on the roads; perhaps due to recent crackdowns on the methamphetamine commerce by law enforcement, as well as the participation of violent organized crime in distributing methamphetamine.

The researchers also assessed the costs of drugs sold to the darknet markets. darknet credit cards in prices between sellers located outside of Australia and sellers located within Australia was revealed by the research. Darknet Marketplace link of ecstasy from Australian sellers was six times higher than what sellers located outside of Australia billed for mdma. Aussie darknet market vendors also billed approximately three times as much for methamphetamine and cocaine than vendors outside of Australia charged. Only darknet networks of cannabis were comparatively equivalent among both Australian vendors and sellers from other nations.

caliconnect darknet speculated that Australian darknet sellers could be gaining and profiting from your protectionism given to them by Australian law enforcement. darknet stories may believe the Australian border protection forces are really so effective at intercepting and stopping the importation of drugs from foreign darknet market sellers , that they're unwilling to order from overseas and so are instead prepared to pay the higher costs of Australian vendors. Darknet Markets News of the effectiveness of Australian law enforcement, whether true or not , prevents Australian vendors from needing to compete using the more affordable costs of foreign darknet market sellers.

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