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Online Golf Club Membership – What is it?

Added: (Thu Nov 30 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Q. The Internet has seen massive growth in the last ten years but what is the Golf industry doing in order to keep up with the digital world?

A. Well, email came first for most people, quickly followed by websites (which was fairly easy for most people to understand) but now that ‘Social Networking’ is taking over (30% of all online time is using social networks)* and for most, this is a grey area. Most people over 40 are not as quick to ‘share’ their lives with the world, in the way 18-34 year olds do, and I think that clubs will eventually have to employ a specialist person to keep up. Currently most golf clubs are not using these platforms in the correct manor, as most of the time they are already preaching to the converted rather than targeting new followers.
Q. So what do you see as the biggest growth area in digital for golfers in the next five years?

A. I guess ‘Apps’ have recently seen a huge surge in popularity and that has provided golfers with a very cheap access to some very skilled people but I really do see ‘social networking’ as the growth area. It was unthinkable that only ten years ago the only way you could get to engage with your golfing idols was to visit an event or tournament and hope that you catch a glimpse of them. Now you can tweet your thoughts on Lee Westwood putting directly to him…. we were very proud to have Sir Nick Faldo retweeted one of our fund raising projects in the early days. I also see TV changing a lot in the next few years with the advent of Netflix and the BBC iPlayer, watching TV as its broadcast is in decline. Meanwhile, social media platforms will start to take a slice of this pie. It’s already rumored that Facebook is in the running to broadcast the FIFA World Cup in 2022.
Q. So what is Social Media and why is it so important to golfers?

A. The way I see it, Twitter is like having your very own newspaper headline service but rather than the content being decided by an Editor in a Fleet Street office, you are the chooser of the news you receive or in this case the comments being made by the people you choose to follow…. some people want to divulge their life to the world but the majority just want to hear what it’s like to be a tour player and to see that ‘they’ (the Pro’s) are just as human and down to earth as us! Meanwhile, Facebook (by far the most used platform) is the place to follow your friend’s latest news and updates. Instagram is useful for travel companies and international golf destinations but there is little opportunity to share detailed information here. However, LinkedIn is doing a fantastic job for both Golfers and businesses in Golf to connect people. Just last week we reached 56k golfers with an email inviting them to visit our site…. how else could I have done that 10 years ago without paying a Newspaper or Radio stations advertising revenue.
Q. So why did you choose to put your money where your mouth is and launch your own Social Network?

A. Well it was basically becoming increasing difficult to find friends to play with…. babies, marriages etc…..I didn’t want to join a golf club as I like playing different courses and I also think playing different courses improves your game…….and with the growth of Facebook and Twitter, it became obvious that we needed to create something similar for golfers.
Q. So how does it work?

A. It’s SO SO simple, you register on the site with your name, postcode, golfing details etc, and you will immediately begin to receive invites from other golfers in your area asking you to join them for a game. If there isn’t a game in your area when you want to play, simple book a tee time at your preferred course, ‘post’ the game on TheSocialGolfer.com…. the system then emails all the other golfers in the catchment of the club you wish to play, directly to their PC or Mobile…they then click on the link….meet at the club…pay your green fee…and enjoy your round!

Q. So it’s a bit like a golf club but there is no clubhouse but what about your handicap and tracking your game?

A. It’s EXACTLY like a golf club. You pay an annual fee for your online golf club membership. Only we track your handicap and produce you a new handicap certificate after every round, what’s more you can keep your eye on your ‘golfing friends’ scores as they happen AND run your whole golf society from your desktop without having to remember emails addresses or phone numbers. You can even run your own leaderboard or challenge other societies to matches.
Q. What do the traditional clubs think about you and the onslaught of the digital world?

A. All the clubs we have spoken to have embraced it, as we provides them with access to a whole database of golfers FREE OF CHARGE (5k+ in the UK and 10k+ Worldwide) and it is free for them to update their club/course details on our 20k golf course database and post green fee offers on the site.
Q. Is it free?

A. Alas, no, we do not have the funds of the big corporates but we are growing quickly and have just had our 6000th game posted on the site and nearly 20k scorecard entries. We charge the members £24.99 a year to join and post games and track their handicap – which is these cash strapped times is a minimal cost, compared to a full golf club membership!
Q. So who does TheSocialGolfer.com appeal to Ian?

A. Well everyone that loves golf, but primarily to those golfers that like to play different courses, want to meet new golfers and of course those that DON’T want to take the game so seriously that there have to check the length of their socks before the leave the house AND those that just want to enjoy the game and have fun….. think of us as the REAL social network, because in our case you ACTUALLY leave your PC and meet people!

About the Company:
The Social Golfer is an online golf community (TSG) to find new partners as well as societies. One can take their help to join the local golf games and events. They also run different golf societies and golf groups. One can track their scores, establish a handicap certificate and can also locate around 25000 local and worldwide golf courses.
For more information email us at the team@thesocialgolfer.com or visit us at www.thesocialgolfer.com

Submitted by:Ian Mullins
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