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NBCOlympics.com wins Gold as the Most Visited Olympic Web Site

Added: (Mon Nov 27 2000)

Pressbox (Press Release) -  Nielsen Net Ratings ranks NBCOlympics.com the global gold winner
 Almost 6 million unique visitors logged onto NBCOlympics.com in September with average connected time of 50 minutes per visitor
 NBCOlympics.com serves more than 1 billion impressions for Olympic sponsors

London, 2nd November 2000–Quokka Sports, Inc. (NASDAQ: QKKA), a leading provider of sports entertainment for the digital world, announced today that its online joint venture with NBC, NBCOlympics.com, won the global gold award from Nielsen//Net Ratings.

For the month of September, according to company estimates, NBCOlympics.com attracted over 5.6 million unique visitors and the average connected time per visitor was 50 minutes. The total connected hours reached over 4.6 million and over 1 billion impressions were served for NBCOlympics.com sponsors. According to Nielsen//Net Ratings, NBCOlympics.com generated more traffic than any other site during the Olympic Games.

“As part of NBC’s “Complete Experience” coverage, NBCOlympics.com provided comprehensive and complementary online programming to NBC’s primetime and cable television coverage. We are thrilled with the level of interest we built in our online coverage and the product we delivered for our sponsors. With Salt Lake 2002 only 16 months away, we are excited to begin planning our Winter Games coverage.” Tom Newell, General Manager of NBC/Quokka Ventures.

Pioneering the converged experience between television and web
For the first time in Olympic coverage, as part of this year’s “Complete Experience” provided by NBC, the television broadcast drove Olympic fans to the online coverage by prompting them to “Log On Now” to NBCOlympics.com. NBC provided over 400 on-air promotions to the web site content, the equivalent of a $30 million advertising purchase. As a result of converged programming, fifty percent of the people surveyed by NBCOlympics.com said they had surfed the site and watched the broadcast at the same time. This trend in convergence of television and web programming was a groundbreaking step in Olympic sports entertainment and testament to the success of NBCOlympics.com.

Sponsorship commitments fulfilled; new sponsors added
NBCOlympics.com created integrated sponsorship campaigns for gold medal sponsors including; Visa, GM, GE, Ameritrade, Adidas, and Anheuser Busch. As a result of the high connected time and traffic levels, NBCOlympics.com was able to over-deliver the sponsorship inventory for its Gold Medal partners and add new sponsors during the last week of the Games.

Nielsen//Net Ratings awards NBCOlympics.com “gold medal”
Independent research firm Nielsen Net Ratings awarded NBCOlympics.com the gold medal for Olympic Web sites as it established the benchmark for Olympic traffic. According to Nielsen’s combined home and work panels, NBCOlympics.com delivered 80% more page views than the nearest competitor. This was more than any other site had recorded in the history of the Olympic Games and made NBCOlympics.com the number one site in the United States for Olympic sports content. NBCOlympics.com well exceeded the audience for other sources for Olympic coverage, including the Olympic sections of Yahoo! Sports, CNNSI, ESPN, as well as the official Olympic site.

Delivering the most compelling Olympic digital sports entertainment
NBCOlympics.com delivered the richest, most compelling Internet product U.S. Olympic fans have ever seen. The site was recognised by many competitors and leading publications including Sports Illustrated and ESPN the magazine, both who awarded NBCOlympics.com the gold medal of all Olympic Web Sites.

To create the full online Olympic experience, in September, NBCOlympics.com delivered over 46,000 pages of content and 60,000 images. Over 450 features were designed and promoted specifically for the television broadcast experience where fans were directed to log onto the site during cable and prime time broadcasts.

NBCOlympics.com provided a number of compelling features that kept Olympic fans returning to the site throughout the Games. Fantasy games such as the Ameritrade Gold Medal Challenge, where fans built portfolios of countries they thought would perform the best in Sydney, attracted thousands of fans. Additionally, the community section of the site attracted over 67,000 visits, where fans participated in chats with Olympic athletes and with other Olympic fans nationwide. One of NBCOlympics.com’s most innovative features, the Action Tracker, offered real time coverage of gymnastics, diving and track and field competition and had an average visit length of over 54 minutes per visit to this feature.

About NBCOlympics.com
NBCOlympics.com is a joint venture between NBC and Quokka Sports (NASDAQ: QKKA) and is the home for NBC’s online coverage of the Olympic Games. NBCOlympics.com is part of NBC’s complete coverage of the Olympics and presented in concert with NBC’s broadcast and cable programming. ‘The Complete Olympics’ increased total Olympic television to 441.5 total hours of coverage from Sydney. Unique to Olympics web sites is Athlete’s Voice™, a mainstay of the NBCOlympics.com coverage where the world’s elite athletes provide ongoing first-person accounts of the trials, tribulations and successes of training and competing. www.nbcolympics.com is currently offering a recap of digital media coverage of the Sydney Olympics.
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